Til Death Do We Part Video Series Premiere

Screen capture - Til Death Do We Part

At Everlasting Footprint, we want every person to celebrate personal history and legacy. We want to share every person’s stories. We want to help everyone capture memories to be handed down to future generations. We have big dreams; we want to change the world.

EF Legacy Preservation Updates Coming Soon

That’s why we put together the world’s first truly collaborative legacy preservation website. Part scrapbook, part photo album – it’s where people come from around the world to post stories of people they love.

We’ve been thinking about how we can take our mission to the next level. We’re developing new features, a new interface, and – most excitingly! – the ability for our members to include video on their Footprints.

A New Way to Tell Stories

EF has always brought our readers inspirational and memorable stories. We love to talk about all the people in the world, and all the ways each person makes a difference. We bring you opportunities to give and advice on how to save your family history, legacy, and memories as a new type of family heirloom.

Today, we are excited to announce the newest in our Everlasting Footprint produced video collection, a series called “Til Death Do Us Part.”

This vow – common at so many weddings around the world – is a promise that confronts the love and joy in a new marriage with the reality that all things must end. And we think that’s beautiful.  Something worth cherishing.

This adorable couple, interviewed outside the NYC County Clerk’s office, describes their wedding and how they feel about their vows. What do they plan to say to each other at 90 years old? It will make you smile. Take a look!



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