A True Life Story of Ghosts and Spirits

Bunker Hill Vineyard - spirit orbGhost? Spirit Orbs?
(Photo by Bunker Hill Vineyards)

Once a month, as dusk hits the fading blue skies and the shadows begin to overtake the rural area of west central Florida, an intrepid group of modern-day explorers of the afterlife set out to make contact – contact with spirits, potential proof that something exists after our departure from this earthly realm.

The group is made up of strangers. Everyone pays ten dollars to get a glimpse of something, hoping that whatever they find raises chills and goosebumps. They make their way through the countryside armed with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) meters, recording devices, cameras, and flashlights.

An Unlikely Spot

For several years now, Bunker Hill Vineyards, an organic winery, has hosted this trek. As they gather everyone in their wine tasting room, the husband-and-wife owners explain how this all came to be. The couple noticed things moving around outside, sometimes within minutes of people moving them. Guests on the property claimed to see images of ghosts, and a few guests said they could communicate with them.

Stories began to emerge of a young boy from a few hundred years ago who used to live nearby; some say he still wanders the property. Battles were fought near Bunker Hill Vineyards, and some of the soldiers remain. Some say they see Native American ghosts; people who lived here long ago.

Skeptics at first, the husband and wife who own Bunker Hill Vineyards finally came to accept the strange occurrences. They found that pictures taken at night showed floating orbs. Some of the orbs had faces.

Although the owners came to believe that the place was a sanctuary for spirits, they never experienced any strange activity in their house. They can offer no explanation exactly why, even though over the years they have had many inexplicable experiences. The owners tell everyone that the exploration is to be taken seriously, and that anyone not able to be respectful will be asked to leave. Then, they close the gates to the main road and lock them tight.

My Experience

The group huddles, as the husband urges us to stay together and not get lost. There are streams on the property and hundred-year-old trees hang down with moss that create eerie shadows. The scenery alone is enough to make you shiver. The owner hands several EMF meters to people with instructions to watch the needle and call out if it moves significantly. I point my camera into the trees and all around the property. When I look at the images later, I can see huge orbs in some of the shots, but not in others. I look for logical explanations but find none.

As we continue our walk, we stop at places where there has been known supernatural activity before. The owner explains that even paranormal investigators have documented fluctuations in energy. He explains that he has learned to carry on conversations with spirits, using a flashlight that goes on and off by turning the front lens over the light. He says that the kind with a switch is too difficult for a spirit to work.

Activity in the Night

When the EMF meters begin to show energy, we stop and put a flashlight down on the ground or a table. The owner asks questions, telling the ghosts to turn on the light if they are there. He places the flashlight at least five feet or more away from the group, so there can be no question that this is being manipulated. Nothing happens.

After trying for a few minutes, we move onto another location. At one stop, we divide into two groups and walk farther into the woods on a narrow trail. At the end, it is noticeably colder. The owners explain that at times it has been measured at close to freezing temperatures, even in the summer. We cross over to another end of the property, where the young boy ghost has been spotted.

Finally, the Ghost Shows

There is an old concrete pad, about thirty feet from a stream. The wife of the couple who owns the vineyard sets up a laser grid, so any unearthly movement will be seen. All we are able to see are bugs as they fly through the illuminated green gridlines. The husband lays the flashlight on the concrete and then backs away at least ten feet.

He begins his series of questions to the spirits, “Are you there? Can you turn on the light for us? If you are there, we mean you no harm. Please turn on the light.”

The flashlight begins an extremely low glow and within twenty seconds, turns on fully. Because it takes so long to come on, it seems real. A human hand would struggle to make it glow so slowly. Excitedly, people begin to ask questions. The light continues to go on and off with answers. After about five minutes, it lights up no more. We are stunned.


The visitors are urged to look at our photos on computers through magnification. I can’t wait, and fire up Photoshop as soon as I get home.

Most of the orbs I see in my photos appear to be transparent lights, but in one I find a face – the face of a dog! I never stopped to consider that some of these spirits could indeed be animals. The image is just too clear to be anything else.

A few of my friends agree it could be fun to do the “orb walk,” but many nod and look at me as though I have had the wool pulled over my eyes. But I was there. As logical as I am, I can’t explain the flashlight glowing in response to people’s questions. It was a special experience; one that lets me know there is definitely more to life than what we see everyday.


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