Our Favorite Etsy Shops for Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts

Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon

Every year in October, America celebrates National Breast Cancer Awareness month. The official color of breast cancer remembrance and awareness is pink – and in October, businesses offer everything from pink beer and pink tacos, to all kinds of memorabilia, to many opportunities to donate to breast cancer research with your purchase.

You’ll see a number of breast cancer awareness slogans this month as well – “Think Pink!” or “In October, we wear pink.” Whether you are a survivor, a supporter, or a sympathetic heart, it is easy to show your awareness of this disease by giving someone you love a meaningful breast cancer awareness gift.

Our favorite online shopping experience, the community at Etsy, connects buyers and sellers of vintage items and handmade artwork. Some dedicated shopkeepers make and sell unique items that are perfect gifts for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some Etsy items can’t be found anywhere else,  and each shopkeeper and gift has its own story, history, and legacy.

At EF, we are dedicated to bringing people together to share stories and support efforts to improve lives. What better way is there to honor the the people who work every day to find a cure for breast cancer, or the people who have stories to share about triumphing over cancer?

In their honor, here are our 9 favorite Top Etsy Shops for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:


1 – Cookie Tray Cookies

Cookie Tray Cookies - breast cancer awareness

Many people are having Halloween or Dia de los Muertos parties this month, and while there are many festive snacks you can offer for either of those occassions, don’t forget that these get-togethers can be a chance to bring awareness to the seriousness of breast cancer.

The Cookie Tray Cookies Etsy shop makes these delicious and bright Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon treats, which are perfect for your October get togethers, the office, or as a gift to a breast cancer survivor. As a bonus, the shop makes a donation to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer with every purchase.


2 – Kicking Apparel

Kicking Apparel - breast cancer awarenessIt’s easy to find a number of breast cancer awareness clothing items – from hats to sweatshirts to many, many t-shirt designs. While the statements they make can be humorous – like “Save the Tatas!” or “Cancer touched my boobs, so I kicked it ass” – they can also be very serious and heartwarming – like “I wear pink for my Mom.”

Kicking Apparel not only provides shoppers with a selection of designs, but they also donate proceeds of their limited edition apparel to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. There is more than one way to demonstrate your pride for the people you love.


3  – Faith Full Circle

Faithfull circle - breast cancer awareness

In addition to all the t-shirt slogans and designs, there are many shopkeepers who design jewelry that make perfect gifts for anyone affected by breast cancer, especially survivors. Faith Full Circle offers a range of leather, metal, and fabric bracelets that are simple, tasteful, and personable, and are all designed by a breast cancer survivor.


4 & 5 – Jewelry and Stuff by Lis & Kustom Krafts by Chris

Jewelry and Stuff by Lis - breast cancer awareness

For crafty people looking to make their own breast cancer awareness gifts – perhaps including beads, charms, or more outrageous designs – Jewelry and Stuff by Lis offers both completed jewelry pieces and supplies for your own craft projects in October.

Some crafty people may even like the idea of sewing or needlepointing their own designs onto t-shirts, hats, or other gifts they create themselves. In that case, Kustom Krafts by Chris has a great pattern to get you started.

6 – Sweet Bee Cups

Sweet Bee cups - breast cancer awareness

Glasses, tumblers, coffee mugs, and teacups are all popular ways to take your support for breast cancer awareness with you on the go, and show off your awareness any time of day. While there are hundreds to choose from, we like the design at Sweet Bee Cups that proclaims: “I beat cancer. What’s your superpower?” What a perfect gift for any breast cancer survivor.


While fun, catchy phrases that show off the strength of breast cancer survivors are  popular and common, the other very real side of breast cancer includes a great deal of pain. Women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or who have had a breast removal (a mastectomy) completed, are often in a great deal of pain. They are physically exhausted, on medication, and often too weak to participate in many things they once enjoyed.

Luckily, these shops aim to help with that …


7 – JSAW Mastectomy Designs

JSAW Designs - breast cancer awareness

The shopkeepers at JSAW Mastectomy Designs make great gifts for ladies who are preparing for or recovering from surgery. Pillows, gowns, and arm rests – many of us would take these items for granted, but women experiencing breast cancer do not, and the ladies who create these amazing gifts do not either.


8 – SkinIn Treatment

SkinIn Treatment - breast cancer awareness

One of the most common side effects for people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment for breast cancer and other cancers is dry, irritated skin. SkinIn Treatment has created a line of ultimate soothing skin care products – they’re great for any skin irritation but are specially formulated for the sensitivity that occurs with cancer treatment. This is the perfect gift to help keep a survivor strong.


9 – Dress with Ease

dress with ease - breast cancer awareness

We featured this shop a few months back (for National Kidney Month), but the line is so good we had to bring it to you again. Dress with Ease makes specialty clothing for people with disabilities or who are undergoing treatment for diseases. They have specialty shirts and sweatshirts that are designed to make chemotherapy treatments easier, as well as clothing to help make a woman comfortable if she is recovering from a mastectomy. Don’t underestimate what a unique gift like this can do – it is a great kindness to alleviate someone’s discomfort, even if it is just with a shirt.

Celebrate the people you love with Everlasting Footprint. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, remember that spending moments with loved ones is the best way to celebrate life every day.

Author’s Thanks to Carlos Tituana, Contributing Writer


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