Legacy of Teachers

Legacy of teachers - teachers unionTeachers Union, circa 1966
(Photo by 
Kevin Dooley)

Throughout the year, people all over the world send their children to school in order to better their education and to teach them youth lessons. The education they’re being taught from kindergarten all the way to senior year of high school includes a variety of information that will stick with these kids and teenagers for the rest of the their lives.

Unfortunately, we don’t typically take much notice of the people who are actually the ones shaping these kids minds and futures. Here’s an ode to all the teachers, professors, and other educators out there who don’t get the respect or praise they deserve.

Some Thanks For Teachers

Thank you for all the work you do on a daily basis, helping further contribute to our society. Without you, this country would simply not be the same. You are the real backbone to this country.

Thank you for staying up all night grading the same papers over and over, as tedious as it gets. Thanks for being fair and making us all earn the right to further our education. Thanks, also, for truly teaching us something new every day.

Beyond the scholarly aspect of teaching, more importantly students thank you for instilling morality to our society and helping kids learn more then just what’s in a text book. Teaching people to play well with others, to work in groups, and to be punctual are qualities that go far beyond a classroom.

That’s what makes teachers so amazing. The subconscious effects you make on people are truly inspiring. At the time, sure, your rules, regulations and decorum may seem unfair to students, but it’s just another form of teaching. These protocols teach people how to properly function in today’s society.

Teachers also find a way to bring out inner creativity in people. Whether it’s an outlandish project or a simple game to get moving, teachers help stimulate the mind to do things unfathomable beforehand. Thank you for opening our minds and for letting us explore different avenues that life has to offer.

Thanks to All Teachers

Legacy of teachers - buddhist teacher

“Buddhist Teacher”
(Photo by Artis Rams)

This praise doesn’t just go to all conventional teachers, but to anyone who has ever taught anything. By teaching something, you are leading someone to a new discovery or even a new passion. The best teacher makes people interested in things they never knew existed.  This is yet another aspect of why teachers have such an impact on the world and how it functions.

For the amount of hours worked and the repetition involved in the job, it’s quite odd to think that students are typically the ones frustrated about being in class. The patience it takes to deal with a multitude of kids going through childhood or adolescence everyday for hours on end is highly commendable.

It’s clear that the general population doesn’t pay enough homage to the professionals busting their butts day in and day out to educate our youth. Hopefully, this will change, but in the meantime, here’s a huge thank you for all the insight and knowledge you’ve spread to the world. You’ve really given us all the gift of encouragement to find ourselves in life.

At Everlasting Footprint we appreciate teachers all over the world. We applaud the hard work and sacrifice they make each and everyday to help better our communities. So Thank a Teacher today, or any day, and make a difference for someone who has made a difference for you.

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