Legacy Of Coaches

Legacy of CoachesCoaches help athletes in life lessons as well as sports’ technique.
(Photo by Texas A&M University)

On a daily basis the world is filled with inspirational sports stories ranging from peewees to professional. Behind a ton of these stories are coaches, who are highly underappreciated when it comes to the affect they have on people, especially the youth.

The typical qualities of a good coach are someone who is well respected, knowledgeable, a leader, and a person who is experienced. We see coaches like this all over the world who have made immense impacts on people they’ve coached.

Coaches should have a willingness to teach, explain, and, above all, to win. As a coach when your team is winning, it’s a direct indication that you are doing your job correctly. People typically want to play for these coaches, regardless if that means that they like the coach or not. Winning is winning.

However, I firmly believe what makes a good coach is someone who can have an impact on a person’s life on and off the field. Some people may “just want to win” and I understand that. But, if a coach can make an impact on your life in a positive way off the field I’d consider that a win as well.

Being prompt, working well with others, going the extra mile, and having fun are all things that coaches aim to teach their students on the field. These are all also things that can be used off the field to coach kids how to be better adults and to mature more.

The best coaches are the coaches that can combine coaching life lessons and coaching whatever sport their profession is in.

The best sports stories we hear are the stories of coaches that have made such an immediate impact on a person’s life. College coaches are the prime example of being able to do this while still being a good on-the-field coach.

Dealing with kids that are still in their teens and are entering their twenties isn’t an easy task. These are kids who have just moved away from their families for probably the first time in their lives. They’re vulnerable and susceptible to all the chaos that college universities and towns tend to have.

Coaches weigh this heavily when coaching the kid and the best coaches ride the player hard in practice and even harder behind closed doors pressuring them to be their best at everything.

Some people claim that the legacy of a coach is in his record. I beg to differ. I think the legacies of coaches are not only in their hard work and dedication, but also in their ability to affect their player’s personal lives.

At Everlasting Footprint, we salute all the coaches out there who have made sacrifices to better the lives of other kids around the world. It’s because of you that we’ve had some of the most amazing athletes and people to ever grace this planet.

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Brandon Plotnick is a student at Florida State University, majoring in the Editing, Writing, and Media program in the English department, with a focus on sports journalism and media production. He has written for Florida State’s student newspaper, The FSView, as well as a Greek Life newsletter, The Odyssey, in his time at Florida State University. His dream is to cover South Florida professional athletics as a sports writer. Brandon was born and raised in Weston, Florida, and currently has a residence in South Florida.

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