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Collaborate to build a FootprintWith Everlasting Footprint, friends and family collaborate
to share memories of loved ones
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Everlasting Footprint has many functions. Because the website offers so much, it may seem hard at first to navigate through the site and, specifically, a Footprint’s Moment Timeline. My aim is to help you operate the Moment Timeline on any Footprint you create or collaborate on, efficiently. EF wants your overall experience, and every digital Footprint you create in tribute to a loved one, the best possible.

Create an Account

For starters, create your account at Everlasting Footprint. By doing this, you will have your profile, and the main screen that shows your updates in a feed. We refer to this main page as the “Canvas.” You can customize your profile and Canvas with a picture, by writing an online biography about yourself, and with varying privacy settings. But, you don’t need to do anything of these things to create a Footprint.

Create a Footprint

An Everlasting Footprint is a digital memorial or online scrapbook where you can share memories of people you love. This digital “Footprint” lets you collect stories and photos of your loved ones, and celebrate their lives with other people who knew them. Every Footprint offers a Moment Timeline, where you can organize the stories and events in someone’s life chronologically. Use this timeline to track different milestones or remember momentous occasions with the points of view of as many collaborators as you want.

In addition to inviting friends and others who you would like to follow and appear on your timeline, you can also follow other Footprints that people have created. Create Footprints for famous people, people who have some inspirational stories, or even people who have just had an impact on a certain life if you feel like making a footprint about them.

Organize Your Moments

Since your digital footprint is equivalent to an online scrapbook mixed with an online biography about the person, you’re going to want to organize the moments of your loved ones life using a timeline template. The first thing you’ll want to think of is which moments you’d like to add to their footprint. Don’t worry, they don’t need to be in order. You can add moments from any time of their life and the website will file it in order of its date for your timeline.

When thinking about which moments you want to choose for your footprint, it’s important to try and pick the most important moments in their life, or maybe even an important memory you have of them doing something momentous. This isn’t necessary, you can add minor moments as well.

If I was making a digital biography on Everlasting Footprint of a loved one in my life I would include all the major accomplishments or important moments in their life. For example, my father.

When thinking of his life I think:

  • born in Long Island, New York
  • created his own company without a college degree
  • moved to Florida
  • married 3 times
  • has 3 children
  • moves to North Carolina (he loves the weather)
  • took my brother and I to St. Louis on business trip to meet players and team execs
  • took us on family trip to Alaska
  • retired
  • met George Steinbrenner (his young idol)
  • having his granddaughter
  • burying his father

This list of memories are things that are going to help explain the life of the person you are commemorating, so I’d be sure to input all the milestones they achieved in their life, big or small. With each milestone, or part of your footprint’s biography, you will also be able to add pictures that you have of them, or a picture that could remind you of it (i.e a picture of the Niagara Falls if you know they went there but don’t have a picture of the event).

Not to mention, each of these moments are going to have a story to it, so why not contact family members and friends, inviting other people to contribute to the Timeline or Footprint?

Collaborate to Create the Footprint

You’ve input your stories, added pictures, given each moment a date and your Moment Timeline is almost ready. As mentioned before this is like a digital biography, so you’re going to tell a story digitally about another person. Each moment can have its own story that you can write about from your perspective, but all stories have different perspectives. This is where collaborating comes into play.

Say, for example, on a trip to St. Louis with my dad and brother, I wrote about the trip. Well, if I invited my brother to collaborate, he could tell his perspective of the story which might be completely different, or more detailed. Maybe he saw or noticed something I didn’t. This works for events like weddings, where there are so many people involved. I can add them all to be collaborators, so that this moment on my dad’s Moment Timeline is seen through multiple perspectives. With a different feel to each one, readers will perfectly grasp how that event went.

I hope I helped explain exactly how the moment timeline on an Everlasting Footprint works to help capture the stories of people’s lives. Now you know more about how you can create your very own digital Footprint for a loved one that others can see, follow, and contribute to.We look forward to following your Footprints.

Want to know more about preserving the memory and legacy of a loved one? Our FAQs answer our users’ common questions.

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