The Future of Natural Burial: The Infinity Mushroom

National Mushroom Month - Infinity MushroomsAmanita Mushrooms” by Samuel Winter

Alternative burials, green funerals, and natural burials are becoming more popular all the time. In addition to lowering the cost of a funeral and burial services, people are looking to lower their impact on the environment. The world is running out of natural burial space and burials are getting more expensive –  in Japan, burial services can cost from $20,000 – $30,000 for a single person.

In honor of National Mushroom Month in September, Everlasting Footprint wants to share with you an exciting – and a bit bizarre – alternate burial method that is getting buzz. We predict it is going to be one of the most popular options for green burials in the 21st century – because it is certainly a futuristic idea.

Edible Mushrooms to Eat Your Body After Death

As discussed in their recent blog, most people have a strong reaction when they first hear about the Infinity Mushroom. Founder and Chief Product Officer, Jae Rhim “JR” Lee, explained in a 2011 TED Talk how the mushrooms work, why there is a need for them, and what her plans for the future were at the time. Check it out:

Basically, if someone joins the Infinity Burial Project, he or she can have personalized mushroom spores grown that recognize his or her body. Then, instead of being buried in a coffin, the person has a natural burial, wearing a suit infused with the mushroom spores.

The growing mushrooms detoxify, consume, and help decompose the person’s body after death, returning the body to the earth in a state as pure as the person was born.

Update on the Infinity Mushroom

Since 2011, JR and her mushroom-growing team have been busy. They have re-designed the mushroom burial suit since JR appeared on TED and launched a new website and blog. JR’s company developing the Infinity Mushroom Burial Project, Coeio, also now offers pet burial suits.

At their website, you can join and support the Infinity Mushroom research efforts, have questions answered about the “natural burial” process, and place a request for an Infinity Mushroom burial suit of your very own.

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