After School Sports Keep Kids Fit and Teach Lessons

Kids learn sportsmanship and teamwork on sports teams(Photo by USAG Humphrey’s)

When it comes to our children, not only do we find ourselves pushing them to stay active, but we also hope to get them into sports so that we can give ourselves some time off. Whether it’s a low cost kids sports game in the front yard or an organized league we enroll our child in, the point is: we want our kids playing sports.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the types of after school programs for our child that he/she is interested in. By trying different after school activities, your child can learn to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Kids Activities to Play at Home

First starters, the easiest and most beneficial way to promote kids sports games is to invest in sports equipment they can use at your house. This would include things like a basketball hoop, a soccer/hockey net, hoola hoops, jump ropes, and whiffle balls and bats. Even buying kids a kite can get them outside and running around. There are so many different athletic games a child can play at your own house, whenever they want.

A Day at the Park

Another option is to bring your children to the nearest park. At parks, you can find a wide range of different kids’ sports games already in progress. The equipment may be adult-friendly as well.

A new fad at major parks around cities is a game called disc golf, which is exactly what it sounds like: a sport mixing the concepts of golf with a “Frisbee” disc. This is one great after school activity you can find at one of the larger local parks near you.

Organized Sports

Another viable option for different types of after school programs you can get your children into is organized sports or intramural. This can be any sport ranging from golf, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, water polo, kickball, tennis, to nearly any other organized sport you can think of that is offered at your local YMCA or child’s school .

Not only does being on an organized team encourage your child to play sports, but it also could make them more apt to try new things. With organized sports your child will be playing on a team with a wide array of other children. This can help your child meet more kids and establish connections with children their age. It also can teach them competitiveness and ambition, or in other words, a will to win.

Benefits of Kids Sports

Teach About Schedules

Organized kids sports are an effective way of keeping your child active and on a schedule. It’s always good to teach your children that life works on a schedule, and they need to abide by that. This would mean when they wake up they know they have to go to school, get their homework done and go to practice or a game, in no specific order. Getting your kids on a schedule for their after school activities can be highly beneficial to them both physically and mentally.

Teach About Health

Speaking of physicality, enrolling your children in any types of after school programs gives you, as a parent, a chance at instilling and promoting health. Aside from making them, or allowing them, to play sports, you can also promote health by giving your kids a healthy after school snack before they either go outside to shoot some hoops or go to practice doing laps in the pool. What you put into your body is what you’re going to get out of your body, and making your children aware of the benefits of eating healthy snacks before playing physical sports promotes their overall health.

Legacy of Sports

Getting your children involved in after school programs may seem hard at first. Some kids just don’t like playing athletic sports, or playing with other children. However, I believe if you encourage your kids playing sports of all kinds, they will find an activity they connect with and fully enjoy, giving them life-long memories and stories to share.

Sometimes it’s the parents who encourage their child to play after school sports, and it ends up sparking that child’s interest in the game they will forever love. In some families, sports legacies are passed down through the generations.

At Everlasting Footprint, we believe in the benefits that sports activities can have on a young kid’s life. Get your kids outside and involved in after school programs, because it can truly lead to a life of passion and healthiness we should be promoting our kids to live. The ball’s in your court.

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