National Smile Week: 8 Easy Ways To Make People Smile

National Smile Week - group pictureGet your friends and family together, and smile.
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With National Smile Week, I got to thinking, “what’s the easiest way to make someone smile?”

After going through a series of ways in which you can elicit smiles from others, I narrowed it down to eight of the easiest ways to make someone smile.

Here’s my top favorite suggestions for how to make someone smile:


Smiles are one of the most contagious things on the earth. If someone sees you smiling at them, they will most likely smile back. If not, well, at least you’re still smiling.


The best and most candid smile you can find is the one you make when you’re laughing. Just like smiling, laughing is also wildly contagious and can help jump start a domino effect of smiles wherever you are. Make someone laugh. I guarantee it makes you feel better.

Compliment Someone

Everybody loves being congratulated and feeling appreciated. Something about that feeling opens people up to emotions that are represented with a smile. For National Smile Week, observe and absorb how to make someone smile with a simple compliment.

Say “Hi” To Strangers

Whether you’re taking a stroll around the neighborhood or you’re eating at a restaurant, saying hello to strangers is an easy tactic in provoking someone to smile. Something about having a random person with positive vibes approach you can make you feel like embracing the moment. Casual, friendly “hello”s can bring about flurries of smiling.

Give Somebody A Spontaneous Gift

Young or old, everybody loves presents. This is especially the case when the present comes from out of the blue. During National Smile Week, buy the person behind you in line a meal and witness the glowing smile on their face. Then you smile about gaining good karma.


Want to know how to make someone laugh? Text a friend with a funny memory or picture  that they probably had not thought of in awhile. Not only will this make them smile, it’ll take you and your friend on a trip down memory lane.

Common Courtesies

Opening the door for somebody, holding the elevator for a person, saying “please” and “thank you” – all other forms of good manners look best with a smile. Try doing these deeds with a smile of your own on, you’ll get reciprocated.

Tell People You Love Them

Of course, this pertains solely to your loved ones. Nonetheless, it is the most impacting and emotionally moving way to elicit a smile from someone who means a lot to you. You’d be surprised how far it goes to say those measly words to someone you deeply care for.

This week, during National Smile Week, I challenge you to try and make someone smile at least once a day everyday of the week. Try using some of these tips, or any of your own tactics, and enjoy the pleasure you can create with such a tiny gesture.

What are your favorite ways to make someone smile? Leave a comment to share them with us!

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