Our Favorite Etsy Shops for Happiness Happens Month

Happy Feet - Happiness Happens MonthExpress your happiness in August.
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We, the Everlasting Footprint Team, find it truly inspiring how people come together to celebrate life, enjoying their time and cultural heritage in many wonderful ways. August is National Happiness Happens Month, and each week has its own theme to inspire and drive you to live a happier life:

Week 1:National Simplify Your Life Week
Week 2: National Smile Week
Week 3: Friendship Week
Week 4: Be Kind to Humankind Week

Join us in August by helping happiness to happen in your life – then tell us on Twitter and #ShareAStory about your happiness!

Etsy Shopping

Etsy is an online community of shopkeepers and small business owners with vintage and handmade items for sale – from home goods to clothing to antiques, each item on Etsy is unique and comes with a story. We encourage people to share their stories, and we wish well any Etsy shopkeeper with a great story to tell!

Many great Etsy shops sell items that can help you celebrate National Happiness Happens Month and its four weekly celebrations, but here are our favorites for each week:

Week 1: National Simplify Your Life Week

Jewelry Organizer - National Simplify Your Life WeekJewelry organizers to simplify your life

A person’s home is a reflection of their mental state. If it is cluttered, it shows their thoughts are busy. Take the time this week to make your life, and your home, simpler. Jewelry organizers (like the ones at Danmade Custom, the Rustic Shack Shop, and Minimal FruFru) and home organizers (like a simple metal frame and cork board) can help you clear out items in your home, but consider clearing things off your schedule, deleting phone numbers or photos that are clogging up devices, and saying “no” to a few activites this week. Take time in your schedule to go for a long walk, meditate, watch the sunset, or appreciate some simplicity.

Week 2: National Smile Week

There are a number of different ways to celebrate National Smile Week – think about keeping your smile brilliant, remind others to smile, and go out of your way to entice smiles out of people!

Check out the fun “smile paste” and other organic toothpastes available. There are also interesting oral hygiene products like flavored toothpicks to help someone quit smoking, and great products for pets – like toothbrushes and breath freshener.

If you think you’ll be taking a lot of pictures this week – because of course, smiling and pictures go hand-in-hand – check out some of the fun photo props that will be sure to prompt smiles all around. You can never go wrong with handing out little smiley stickers or treating yourself to a car decal that passes a cool smile along to everyone.

Week 3: Friendship Week

There are many ways to show a good girlfriend how much she means to you. For a throwback nostaglic moment of middle school greatness, swap a few Friendship Bracelets around your circle. BeHappy Bracelets has a nice selection of some handmade classics that will take you right back to the days of whispering secrets in each others’ ears on summer afternoons.

Whether you want to get serious or goofy this week, consider sending out handmade cards to your friends, to show them exactly how much you care. A variety of card makers and print shops across the US have come up with designs that will let you capture the exact nature of your friendships.

Week 4: Be Kind to Humankind Week

National Be Kind to Humankind Week - Etsy shopsA great quote to keep in mind this week is the mantra: “Throw kindness around like confetti.” There are a number of Etsy shopkeepers who agree – find an inspirational piece of home decor, a coffee mug, or a t-shirt.

Take your kindness a step further and visit any of the Footprints we have made in honor of Nobel Prize laureates to #ShareAStory about their impact on their world, or make a donation to charity and continue the legacy of the kindness of figures like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi.

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