“My Last Days” YouTube Channel Review: Stories That Tug Heartstrings

My Last Days - Ryan Woods

My Last Days is a Youtube series published on the SoulPanCake channel that gives an in depth perspective on suffering cancer patients who have received the news that their life is coming to an end. In the videos, which are shot like documentaries, you get a look into these people’s lives, the way that this news affects their families, and the way in which they’re coping.

Knowing you’re losing your life, or the life of someone you dearly love, has to be one of the toughest things a person can go through. To see these inspirational videos truly hits home the concept of leaving the world behind you.

What’s crazy is that, everyday, we wake up and go on with our day – whether it’s good or bad. Then we get home, and we go to sleep. Subconsciously, we know that one day we are not going to wake up, and life will be over, but we all want to believe that that day isn’t coming soon. Watching the inspirational people on My Last Days talk about their feelings, knowing that their time is coming – even though it’s too soon – is truly heart wrenching.

What’s most touching about the videos on the My Last Days channel is that many people’s documentaries talk about what they’re leaving behind. Consistently, it’s the people they love that they focus on, such as spouses, children, and other relatives. The videos are each unique, because you get the loved ones’ perspectives just as clearly, which gives you a deep emotional attachment.

Ann’s husband from the My Last Days story “Meet Ann” hammers these emotions home when he explains how he has begun to tell his wife he thinks that she’s beautiful more often. It’s such a simple thing to tell your spouse, but it’s something people don’t realize they should do, because they think they will have the rest of their lives to say things like that. Once you realize the love of your life is going to leave you, you notice the little things, like his or her beauty, so much more often.

What I admire so much about these mini-documentaries are the strength and acceptance these people show. Knowing that death is upon you has to be one of the most mentally challenging situations a person can face. Most of these people have embraced it and are willing to talk about it so eloquently, without even shedding a tear.

That’s what I call courageous.

Another intriguing part of this series of documentaries is that viewers are able to get an in-depth look into these people’s lives through digital media. Having the ability, electronically, to capture the moments these people had in the days leading up to their deaths is astonishing.

My Last Days - Meet Ann

For example, in My Last Days’ “Meet Ryan Woods,” you get to witness, and almost be a part of, a very somber moment during Ryan’s “Roast and Toast” night. His family and friends told funny and sad stories of times they had with Ryan, and it just has a melancholy feel to it. To be able to capture this moment with digital media is simply beautiful.

Another thing about these documentaries is that they don’t go into much detail about the health concerns surrounding the people featured in the documentaries. What I mean by that is that these videos don’t talk about how their last days are going to be rough because of illness. Instead, they focus on the relations and memories they’re going to leave behind.

It’s much more enjoyable to watch a documentary when you’re feeling empathy for a person, because you are seeing them talk about missing their kids’ graduation, rather than feeling saddened by the sight of tubes and hospital equipment in their bodies.

I think simply watching these My Last Days mini-documentaries had an impact on my life. Watching something so heartfelt made me really appreciate what I have and, above all, my loved ones and my life.

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