Our Favorite Etsy Shops for National Anti-Boredom Month

Build Your Own Robot - Fun Summer Activities for Kids






People celebrate life and enjoy time together in many wonderful ways, and we, the Everlasting Footprint Team, find creations that let people make new memories together truly inspiring. Leading up to National Anti-Boredom Month, we offer everyone suggestions on how to break the dragging of the long, lazy summer hours. Enjoy your downtime, but don’t get bored! There are so many fun, exciting things and July is the perfect month to try them.

The shopkeepers at Etsy connect buyers and sellers of vintage items and handmade arts and crafts. Each shopkeeper, and every item, is unique. Each item has a story.

At EF, we are dedicated to bringing people together to make new memories with the people we love. So we want to review some of the amazing arts and crafts available for summer activities for families.

Although there are thousands of great Etsy shops that feature handmade, fun arts and crafts projects to ward against boredom, here are our Top 7 Favorite Etsy Shops for National Anti-Boredom Month in July:

1. Emphemeratta

Emphemeratta Etsy Shop Anti-Boredom Month



Emphemeratta has a number of interesting vintage hobby and craft kits to entertain
children and adults the whole month. They have jewelry kits and spirographs, and all types of science kits including one where you can build your own robot or rocket car

Build Your Own Rocket Car - fun summer activities for kids


2) Urban Cheese Craft

Urban Cheesecraft Etsy Shop

A popular hobby that produces something you and your family can enjoy together and share with friends is homemade cheesemaking. If you don’t know much about making cheese, Urban Cheese Craft will get you started and make it easy. Learn everything a beginner needs to know with their book One Hour Cheese, and check out one of their many DIY cheese kits – from Ricotta and Mozzarella, to crumbly goat cheese to queso blanco. They even have a kit for DIY Greek yogurt. Have some unique and delicious fun this July making your own edible products at home.


3) Nature Provides Beauty

Nature Provides Etsy ShopEveryone loves color and making a mess. On a particularly hot summer day – or a rainy one – it can be fun to stay inside and play with paints, fingerpaints, and face paint. Young ladies might spend an entire day trying out new makeup combinations. Whether you want to spend a day experimenting with cosmetics, or have fun painting faces, the Etsy shop Nature Provides Beauty has organic and safe products. They have an assortment of face paints and tools, in addition to natural makeup, haircare, and bath products.


4) Soya Gift

Soya Gift water balloons

Never underestimate how great playing in the sun can be. When the summer weather is calling you to go outdoors with a group of friends, why not have a good old fashioned water balloon fight? One of the problems with blowing up water balloons is how long it can take to fill up enough. But Soya Gift provides their “Magic Balloons” that fill up multiple balloons at a time from one faucet. Stock up and have the biggest water balloon battle your neighborhood has ever seen.


5) Curious Minds Busy Bags

Curious Minds Busy Bags Etsy ShopIf you’re spending time with a toddler or preschooler this summer, you will need an arsenal of activities to keep you busy. The Busy Bags from Curious Minds Etsy shop is designed for just that purpose – but not only will they keep kids entertained, but they are designed to educate at the same time. With activities around language, mathematics, and art projects, the busy bags also conveniently pack up so they’re great for taking kids in the car too.

Curious Minds Busy Bags Toddler Kits

6) Bluegrass Wood Art

Bluegrass Wood Art Etsy ShopNational Father/Daughter Walk Day is July 7 – ladies, do something special with your dad! If you are a family with a dad who often goes for walks or hikes with his kids, then the walking sticks for adults and children at the Etsy shop Bluegrass Wood Art can be perfect. Whether as a gift or as inspiration for a DIY walking-stick-making project, check out these cool hand-carved creations.


7) Catching Eddies

Catching Eddies Etsy ShopKick off July with National Father/Daughter Walk Day, on July 7. The one-of-a-kind Etsy shop, Catching Eddies, provides a series of needle felt do it yourself (DIY) kits to commemorate this annual day of fathers and daughters spending time together. Needle felting allows for safe creative expression, without any knitting or crochet skills, or experience. They have designed a kit specifically for a father and daughter hiking, as well as a father and daughter camping.

Celebrate the whimsical free time of summer. For National Anti-Boredom Month during  July, find new and creative ways to spend moments spent with loved ones.  Dancing, singing, playing together – these are the best celebrations of life.

Everlasting Footprint wants you to capture every story, to make it last for lifetimes.

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