Our Favorite Etsy Shops for Heritage Wedding Gifts

Western heritage wedding giftWedding gifts as unique as each marriage. Find a one-of-a-kind gift on Etsy.
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Every year in June, thousands of people come together across America to gather and witness the joining of lives and the creation of families. Of course, June is the most popular month for weddings. A time of celebration and joyous gift-giving, it is one of the best opportunities you’ll ever have to give a couple embarking on life’s journey together a little trinket to add to their treasury and their heritage – a real “legacy wedding gift” instead of something forgettable.

Etsy is an online community of shopkeepers, connecting buyers and sellers of vintage items and handmade artwork. Some dedicated shopkeepers make and sell unique items that are perfect legacy wedding gifts – items that can’t be found anywhere else. Each shopkeeper and gift item has its own story, history, and legacy.

At EF, we are dedicated to bringing people together to share stories and support efforts to improve lives. What better way is there to honor the month known for weddings than to review some of the inspiring everyday artwork that helps others celebrate one of the most special days in their lives?

Although there are hundreds of great Etsy shops that feature legendary handmade wedding gift ideas, here are our 7 Top Etsy Shops for Legacy Wedding Gifts:

1 – Natural Designs by Rio

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The art at Natural Designs by Rio include rustic, antiqued pieces that are perfect for home decor or wedding decor. Many of their customized signage is perfect for directing people around the wedding and reception celebrations, and they add something special to the Big Day. But more than that, there are special legacy pieces that the happy couple can carry into their new life together. Check out the “Family Established” personalized sign, which would add a heartwarming touch to any home.

2  – Paper Acadia

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The map-based art pieces at Paper Acadia offer a unique way to customize the story of a couple’s life, showing a creative display of locations meaningful to the newlyweds. Put together two maps that symbolize where they came from, how they met, or how their lives are mapped out for the future. The shop offers a heart-shaped design or displays of customized layouts of vintage and reprinted maps that can be added to or changed the couple’s journey together continues.

3 – Bella Puzzles Too

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The extensive selection of puzzle event registries at Bella Puzzles Too is enough to make anyone stop and take notice. Each guestbook is especially unique – a wedding guest registry in the form of a puzzle. Guests sign individual pieces to help newlyweds assemble the past and future pieces of their lives, complete with family and friends’ handwritten notes of love. Sizes range anywhere from 10 pieces to over 100 pieces, in a number of touching designs like the custom personal photo puzzle.

4 – OC Canvas Studio

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Life is full of many moments that can’t be recaptured. If you have the words and image of a moment that you want to make special, the creative custom art prints at OC Canvas Studio can commemorate them. Combining the best words from a special moment by copying a handwritten letter, vows, lyrics, or other words with the best pictures from events or moments in life. Together, words and photos work to capture the scenes of a couple’s love story.

5 – ST Woodshop

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Although they do branch out into a few other things, ST Woodshop specializes in heritage cutting boards. A cutting board is a common wedding gift – because young couples often ask for kitchen utensils. These cutting boards are especially significant in that the woodworkers will copy a family member’s hand-written recipe onto the cutting board, resulting in one of the most creative and heartwarming ways to bring family legacy to future generations.

6 – City Free Glass

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A house feels like a home when a family hangs a sign on the door that welcomes their friends and visitors. But, a home feels like a castle with a personalized stained glass window that does the same thing. The craftsmen at City Free Glass put together these beautiful pieces of stained glass that elegantly elevate a family home to a new level. In addition to creating pieces with names and dates in many sizes, they also offer a selection of windows and glass using Hebrew lettering.

7 – Designs by Picture This

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Keepsake boxes are perfect gifts for nearly any occasion, and in their on special twist, the artists at Designs by Picture This have made the box itself a keepsake. By transferring a personal photograph onto the wood of the box, then lacquering it for protection against future wear and tear, this shop provides a gift that changes with the couple’s life; one that can be added to with new memories.

Celebrate the people you love who join together in a loving union all year long. This June, remember that spending moments with loved ones is the best way to celebrate life every day.

Author’s Thanks to Kimberly Knowles, Contributing Writer


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    Thank you so much for including my shop on this list! It makes me so happy that you considered my shop a great place to buy gifts! 🙂

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    I am honored that you have chosen to include my stained glass website!
    I am a one woman show (the only “craftsman” in my shop) and I would be honored to create a window for any Everlasting Footprint blog lovers.
    I really appreciate the time that was taken to include my little shop, and have it accompanied by such kind words.

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