Get Involved and Celebrate in June 2015

Every month is a good month for giving. This June 2015, join in and make life better.

Best Friends Day – June 8

Best Friends Day June 8 also Caribbean Heritage MonthCelebrate Best Friends Day on June 8 with a special someone.
These Taino girls celebrate at the Dominican carnival.
(Photo by Global Panorama)

It’s been said that if you finish your life and can count the number of true friends on one hand, then you are truly lucky. Best friends are the people who make life easier. They offer complete acceptance of each other that you may not feel anywhere else, and they are the people who get your sense of humor, who know your strengths and cheer you on when you’re down. Best friends are people who you may move away from, but every time you speak, you pick up where you left off. It’s as though no time was lost.

Best friends often share common values or interests, and also share a commitment to support each other in their quests for happiness. Life’s best moments are enhanced with a best friend, and life’s saddest moments are softened in a friend’s presence.

June 8th is Best Friend’s Day. It is the perfect day to let your best friends know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

National Safety Month – all month

Children in crosswalk say "Safety First" for National Safety MonthChildren in the crosswalk remind us to focus on “Safety First!” for National Safety Month in June. (Photo credit by Seattle Municipal Archives)

June is National Safety Month. The National Safety Council educates people about safety in the home, at work, and in the community. Their information spans the topics of safe driving, prescription drug overdoses, tobacco use, keeping the workplace safe, and many more.

The NSC offers educational courses designed to help people learn First Aid, workplace safety, and driver safety, and they offer certificates in OSHA compliance and Distracted Driver Courses (DDC).

The NSC keeps track of staggering safety statistics:

  • Prescription drug overdoses kill more people in the 35 – 54 age group than vehicle crashes
  • Close to half a million emergency room visits are made each year because of prescription drug overdoses
  • In a ten minute span in the workplace, two people will be killed and 729 injured

With your donations, the NSC will continue their work in educating people about accidents that are preventable. Their main focus right now is about workplace safety, drug safety, and driver safety, including distracted driving and teen driving.

National Caribbean-American Heritage Month – all month

Willemstad Curacao a Caribbean UNESCO World Heritage siteThe inner city and harbor of Willemstad, Curacao in the Caribbean Antilles is
a UNESCO World Heritage site.
(Photo credit by Pierre Mangin) 

June is National Caribbean-American Heritage Month. Not only is it a time to honor Caribbean heritage and Caribbean people’s contributions to the world, it is also a time to re-connect with each Caribbean nation’s unique legacy.

The Caribbean Sea encompasses a number of island nations, including Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and Cuba. With a rich history that blends people native to the islands, with settlers from England, France, Spain, Portugal, and Africa, the blend of world traditions has created in the Caribbean something bold.

Today, many of the Caribbean islands are a large tourist destination, with their clear blue oceans, warm temperatures, flavorful food, and laid-back lifestyle. The people who bring the unique mindset of “the islands” to America enrich American culture in all of these ways and more. Many famous Caribbean-Americans are musicians, bringing a rich musical culture to the forefront in a new way.

Some of the most famous Caribbean-Americans, and the countries they trace their heritage to, include Beyonce Knowles (Bahamas), Nicki Minaj (Trinidad), Kerry Washington (Jamaica), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Barbados), and Rihanna (Barbados).

In addition to these musicians, sports stars Ben Gordon (basketball player), Sanya Richards Ross (Olympic track gold medalist) and Antonio Cromartie (football) also trace their family heritage to the Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Americans have also heavily influenced historical and literary scholarship, technological development, botanical and geological sciences, and the American Civil Rights movement.

Everlasting Footprint celebrates the unique stories that make up our world. Give back and make a difference this June 2015 by celebrating life with us.

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