Inspirational Story: Wounded Veteran Noah Galloway

Mens Health Cover - Noah Galloway
Noah Galloway in the  November 2014 issue of Men’s Health magazine.

Just three month’s into his second tour out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Sergeant Noah Galloway experienced a life-threatening situation that altered his entire outlook on life. On December 19, 2005 an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack took place that caused the veteran’s left arm above the elbow, as well as, his left leg above the knee to be amputated.

When Galloway finally regained consciousness five days later, he woke up on Christmas Eve to the news that he had lost two limbs, as well as his jaw and right leg were severely injured. At first, he succumbed to his injuries and let them define him. However, he was able to snap back to reality and embrace his situation in order to help people and become an inspiration around the world.

After a long look in the mirror, Galloway vowed to get back into shape and become healthier. He went above and beyond by becoming a personal trainer. He also became a motivational speaker, an inspiration to veterans, those with limbs amputated, and others, not to let shortcomings define them.

Galloway travels around the country to share his story and encourage people to let nothing come in the way of their aspirations. He also competes in countless adventure races around the country such as Crossfit competitions, Spartan Events, and the Tough Mudder. In 2014, Galloway appeared on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine and was named 2014’s Ultimate Guy.

Noah Galloway - Dancing with the StarsNoah Galloway and Sharna Burgess performing to
“I Lived” by One Republic on “Dancing with the Stars.”

In 2015, Galloway was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and blew the judges away with his first performance of the Cha Cha to “I Lived” by One Republic. Challenging himself is apart of Galloway’s every day life, however ballroom dancing was on a different level altogether for the veteran with access to only one functional leg and arm.

In the season premiere of the show, Galloway claimed, “What I am lacking in limbs, I will make up in determination and hard work.” Everlasting Footprint commemorates Galloway and how he is truly leaving a legacy for himself, changing the focus from the guy who had two limbs amputated to an inspiration that proves there are no excuses when it comes to fulfilling your life dreams.

Galloway created a No Excuses Charitable Fund in order to reduce childhood obesity in Alabama, and to encourage injured veterans to persist with rehabilitation and return to their former selves again, to who they were before their injuries took over their lives.

He also proudly supports the organization Operation Enduring Warrior, which is committed to honor, empower, and motivate veterans with injuries such as amputated limbs through a physical, mental and emotional rehabilitative cycle. They strive to overcome adversity and hardship through innovation, teamwork and perseverance. The No Excuses Charitable Fund provides resources to the YMCA of Alabaster, AL, and Operation Enduring Warrior in order to be an inspiration to youth and adults alike to eat healthier, exercise, and to ultimately follow their dreams.

At Everlasting Footprint, we commemorate the lives of everyone who has made an eternal impression on our hearts and lives. Noah Galloway is an exemplarily person, as the veteran is an inspirational soul who has left an everlasting footprint of his own on society through his no excuse mentality.

By taking back control of his life after the attack that led to two of his limbs being amputated, Noah was able to pursue his dreams and become an encouragement to others like him through his motivational speaking, intense training, and his performance on Dancing with the Stars. His story urges people to never back down and instead embrace their challenges in order to leave an even bigger imprint on the world.

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