Our Favorite Etsy Shops for Mother’s Day (Military Style)

Military mom - South Carolina National Guard

A military mother celebrates a return from Afghanistan with her son
(Photo by The South Carolina National Guard)

Americans create many wonderful stories, and at Everlasting Footprint, we find honoring everyone’s stories truly inspiring.

Celebrations in May 2015

May, overall, is the month for honoring those people who give life to America and its citizens. May 10, 2015, is Mother’s Day, a day when we can all appreciate the woman who gave us life by creating new memories and stories with her. May 25, 2015, is Memorial Day, on which we commemorate those soldiers who have lost their lives in service to the American military. We hold parades, we tell their stories; we remember these selfless men and women.

There is a very special group of women who operate under a unique set of rules, commanding the troops of their households to maintain order in their worlds. We are speaking, of course, of military moms – those women who dedicate their heart in service of their country, perhaps by being wife to a service member and mother to his children, perhaps by serving as a veteran herself, or perhaps by being a mother whose child chooses to put on a military uniform.

No matter how you serve your country, ladies, we thank you this May 2015.

Honor for the Military Mom

Wives and mothers of military servicemembers live with ongoing uncertainty. They may daily face the potential death of their loved one. They may have to pick up and move at a minute’s notice, re-establishing the lives of themselves and their families in a new city, or even a new country, with little warning. Military wives and moms sacrifice for their country. Having the military in their life changes it forever.

The different branches of the US military recognize this sacrifice paid by their supporting women in different ways. Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Navy pilots are often awarded insignia by their mothers or wives in a special “wing-ing” ceremony when they become certified to fly an aircraft. A mother or wife is often presented with the American flag folded in the ceremony at a military funeral.

For Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, May 2015, we would like to honor military moms by highlighting some of our favorite Etsy shops that are either operated by mothers or wives of soldiers, or those shops that feature exceptional gifts for a military mom. No matter how you say “Thank you,” this Mother’s Day, make sure that you do.

Top 8 Favorite Etsy Shops Celebrating Military Moms

1) Full of Pride

Full of Pride Etsy shopThe Etsy shop Full of Pride provides a selection of shirts, mugs, and other accessories so that the mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and wives of Marines and Army service members can show off their pride in any situation. There are even a couple items for the dad of a soldier. While the shop does also branch out into some sports team pride as well, the focus is on letting ladies show the pride for the military personnel in their lives. Shirts can be custom-printed and personalized with a soldier’s unit, battalion, or squadron information.

2) Mil’K Mommas

milK Mommas Etsy shop

One of the smallest and most specific shops on Etsy, the Mil’K Mommas shop offers one thing: the Desert Sand nursing shirt. Although there are many nursing shirts available, most of the designs are easier and more accommodating for civilian moms. For the active duty mom, regulations are a bit different; she may have to go from being a soldier to a life-sustaining nurturer at the whim of a baby. Mil’K Mommas has made it easier for her – or for any nursing mom – to be ready for action at a moment’s notice.

3) Compass Project

Compass Project Etsy shopMilitary families are often spread around the globe. At the Compass Project, shopowners will custom print a world map, US map, or state map with indicators of places that are important in your world. Styles vary from bold, whimsical colors to the classic female soldier combination of camouflage and pink. A mother never forgets where her heart is, but the Compass Project makes it easy for her to show other people on a map.

4) Life of a Marine Wife

Life of a Marine Wife etsy shopThe Life of a Marine Wife Etsy shop makes it easy for military supporters to show their love and appreciation at all times, everywhere. They handstamp individualized pieces of jewelry and keychains with messages like “Strong enough” and “One day closer,” to help military wives and mothers through the long moments when her loved one isn’t near. In addition to customized pieces for women, they also have a selection of “boot band bracelets,” designed for a soldier to tuck inside his boot, to remember his special lady no matter how far he travels from her.

5) Jolly’s Home 2 Yours

Jollys Home 2 Yours Etsy shop

Military moms with babies at home understand how difficult it can be to combine new motherhood with military lifestyle. To make it fun, and a little easier, Joleen Sias at the Jolly’s Home to Yours Etsy shop has designed a number of purses, diaper bags, and nursing covers (which she calls “canopy covers”) in camouflage or other military patterns. Additionally, these treasures can be personalized with a soldier’s rank, unit, and other insignia, so everyone who sees it immediately knows how that mom serves her country.

6) Fire Wives

Fire Wives Etsy shop

Technically, the Fire Wives Etsy shop does not focus on the wives of military soldiers, but of a different kind of soldier – those firefighters and police officers who put their lives in harm’s way everyday in the line of duty. Celebrate and pay thanks to the wives and mothers of these public servants who work hard to ensure that our cities and towns are safe and that people get the help they need in emergency situations. Fire Wives offers a number of fun children’s toys and accessories (like customized pacifier clips and burp cloths), in addition to stamped jewelry. They do offer a few solider-oriented items, and we especially like their fun hairbows that show pride in military men in a very feminine way.

7) Hippie Dawg

Hippie Dawg Etsy shop“Home is where the military sends you.” Because of this reality, so many military families have memories that take place in lands distant from their homes. To commemorate this idea – and give military moms an easy and lightweight decoration when it comes time to move – the Hippie Dawg Etsy shop offers upcycled plaques made from state license plates. Display your pride as an “Army Mom” or a “Navy Mom” with one of these signs that feels makes any house feel like a home.

8) Military Heart Tees

Military Heart Tees Etsy shop

With t-shirts for women, children, and babies, the Military Heart Tees Etsy shop can accommodate any need or style. From tank tops to sweatshirts, from underwear to headbands, they cover military family members in pride. Browse their decals and their jewelry and find something right for any family members (parents and siblings included). No one has to be left out of showing their support for the service member they love, and Military Heart Tees has enough designs that each person can show their support in their own way.

Thank you all, military moms. A resounding Oorah, Hooyah, HUA, and Hooah to each of you.


Cortni would like to say a special Happy Mother’s Day in particular to her mom, Nancy Merritt. You show the world everyday what it means to be a true warrior. 


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