Inspirational Homecoming Queens Stand Up to Bullies

Grand Prairie Homecoming Queen Shares Her CrownAnahi Alvarez, Lillian Skinner, and Naomi Martinez at
Grand Prairie High School’s homecoming game.

Bullies outsmarted by homecoming queen nominees

When Texan teen Lillian Skinner was pranked by bullies into believing she had been nominated as homecoming queen, her friends took a stance. At Grand Prairie High School, Skinner’s friends Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez were nominated for homecoming court. They made a secret pact to give Skinner the crown if they won. Alvarez and Martinez had been friends with Skinner since being in choir together in 7th grade. When they heard about the tricks and bullying Lillian was a victim of, they immediately decided to stand up for their friend.

Naomi Martinez said that Lillian was one of the nicest people she had ever known. Anahi Alvarez added how Lillian was an amazing girl, and the world needs more people like her. When Alvarez won the title, they followed through with their promise, and Lillian Skinner was called up and awarded homecoming queen.

Alvarez continues to stick to her selfless decision, in order to finally stand up to bullying. She claims that Lillian Skinner did in fact win; she had just run in her position.

The problem of bullying

According to, bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children, resulting in an imbalance of power. This behavior is repeated over time and leads to long-lasting psychological problems. Bullying occurs verbally, socially, and physically. In today’s era, cyber bullying is at an all-time rise, making it even more crucial to stand up for yourself and others being bullied.

The best way to deal with bullying is to stand up right away. This sends the message the bullying is not acceptable. Whether or not you are the one being bullied, bully others, or see bullying, it is important to get support for all parties. Typically, when people become bullies they are dealing with underlying issues, which they act out through physical, verbal, or social abuse, whether anonymously online or face-to-face.

Like Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez, it is also important to be more than a bystander by contacting a teacher, counselor, principle, superintendent or the Department of Education to discourage the bully from continuing their volatile behavior. Stand up and stop them once and for all.

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At Everlasting Footprint, we commemorate the lives of anyone who has left their imprint on the world. By bravely standing up to bullies and rewarding Lillian Skinner with the crown at homecoming, Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez are an inspiration to our society, setting an example of how to deal with bullying. They made Lillian Skinner feel included and cared for; they showed her how much the whole school cares. With bullying at an all time rise, it is important to stand up for those who may not always have a voice. It is important to teach bullies that their behavior won’t be tolerated.

Visit Stop Bullying for methods on preventing and standing up to bullying today.

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