Inspirational Story: Heroic Mailman Saves Choking Baby

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.45.28 PMScreen grab taken when Chris Brown appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with Stephanie Cooper and her son Eli.

On August 15, Stephanie Cooper’s 11-month-old son Eli was choking on a plastic wrapper that was lodged in his throat, when an unexpected hero saved him. After a failed attempt of dislodging the wrapper by beating him on his back between his shoulder blades, Cooper panicked and ran out the door seeking help. Luckily, their mailman, Chris Brown, was right outside the house, and without saying a word, he grabbed Eli and did CPR on him. He started giving him compressions immediately; after the fifth pump, the wrapper finally came out.

Chris Brown first learned to do CPR over 25 years ago with his time in the Marine Corps, as well as through emergency training years before at the post office. After years of dedication to his job as a mailman, he was finally able to put this skill to use and saved a life of a choking infant. Cooper claims that “It was no coincidence that Chris was here at that exact time,” showing her appreciation for this selfless act. However, Brown isn’t comfortable with all this praise and simply claims, “God just set it up, it was perfect.”

After the town caught wind of this heroic story, it spread quickly and was eventually picked up by Ellen DeGeneres, who had Stephanie Cooper, Chris Brown, and little Eli on her show. As a government employee Brown was not allowed to receive compensation over $20, however Ellen invited Brown and Cooper back to her show during the 12 Days Of Giveaways in December. To honor Brown’s heroic actions, Ellen gave Cooper a mailbox that read, “Our Mailman is a Hero”.

Stephanie Cooper’s story demonstrates how crucial it is to know CPR. Today, more than 90% of deaths from foreign objects occur with children under the age of 5, with 65% of them being infants. Accidental injuries such as choking are the lead cause of death in children, and accidents send over 16 million kids to the emergency room each year. At least one child dies from choking on food every five days in the US. The earlier that CPR is initiated, the greater the chances for survival, so it is best to become certified. You never know when you might be placed in a situation where immediate action is necessary to save a life.

At Everlasting Footprint, we commemorate the lives of anyone who has left an impact on the world. By stepping in and saving baby Eli’s life, this heroic mailman has shown the world how important it is to be prepared in these types of situations.

Chris Brown fully embodies a hero by staying humble and claiming, “I would have done it for anyone or I hope someone would have done it for my children.” By being at the right place at the right time, he was able to dislodge the wrapper Eli was choking on, allowing Stephanie Cooper to celebrate many more birthdays with her precious baby boy. Save a life by becoming CPR certified today.

Everlasting Footprint encourages everyone to celebrate the lives that impacted them. Create Footprints for your loved ones, and ensure their legacy lives on.

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