Our Favorite Etsy Shops for Jazz Appreciation Month

Jazz opens up your soul (Photo by Pedro Ribiero Simoes)

Americans celebrate history in many wonderful ways, and at Everlasting Footprint, we find honoring different heritages truly inspiring. April is National Jazz Appreciation Month, and we want to kick it off by celebrating this rich and uniquely American art form.

Jazz music was “born” in the hot heart of the southern United States, most say in New Orleans. It really got swinging once artists like Clarence Williams brought it to the club scenes in prohibitionist-era New York and Chicago. Fusing blues, big band, and ragtime music with an electric and rebellious energy, early 20th century jazz musicians created a sound that moved people’s souls in a new way in a modern era.

You can’t understand jazz. You have to feel it. Louis Armstrong, who was the single most influential person to music in the 20th century, famously said,

“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.”

No one flavored jazz quite like Louis. With his legendary voice and creative musicianship, you can’t appreciate jazz songs without taking a moment to celebrate how Louis Armstrong changed the world:


Shopping for Jazz

Some Etsy shopkeepers want  you to celebrate and love jazz music. Etsy connects people looking to buy and sell vintage items and handmade artwork. Each shopkeeper, and each item they bring to market is one of a kind. Each has a history, a legacy, and a story.

At EF, we are dedicated to bringing people together to share stories and proudly display their cultural heritage. What better way than to review some of the amazing pieces, artisans, and craftspeople who work to keep jazz alive and swinging, every day?

Although there are thousands of great Etsy shops that feature handmade and unique items to accessorize your loved of jazz, here are our Top 9 Etsy Shops for National Jazz Appreciation Month:

1) AfremovArt Studio


Favorite Etsy Shop Jazz - AfremovArt StudioCapturing the expressive notes of jazz instruments with colors that play and spin in his art, Leonid Afremov of Afremov Art Studio is a southern artist who paints the sounds of music. With a lively and vibrant style that will bring the energy of jazz to any room in your house, these paintings shout and dance off the wall like a live band is always playing in the background.  Check out Jazz Band, Melody of the Night, and Tango of Trimuph, which are paintings that add pizzazz, warmth, and depth to your life.

2) Owl Eyes Books


Our Favorite Etsy Shops Jazz - Owl Eyes Rare BooksLooking for something especially rare? The book editions that Owl Eyes Books carries are often autographed or otherwise extra special. Owl Eyes Books brings every literature lover who has a heart for jazz artists copies of works from the most well-known American writer of the jazz age, F. Scott Fitzgerald, such as The Great Gatsby. Although Gatsby is Fitzgerald’s most popular book, his equally jazzy wife, Zelda Fitzgerald, was also a writer, producing words that show women’s lives in the 1920s, such as Save Me the Waltz. Jazz is about self-expression, and the jazz age changed African-American’s abilities to express theselves in America and in literature. If it wasn’t for jazz, there may not have been other American classics, like Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, which no one should miss. Brilliant contemporary author, Toni Morrison, tries to recapture, explain, and express the jazz age in her insurmountable novel, Jazz, also available at Owl Eyes Books.

3) Adorning Beauty


Our Favorite Etsy Shops Jazz - Adorning BeautyJazz is something you do. In the spirit of the 1920s jazz age, Adorning Beauty offers ladies of today ways to display fun and fanciful jazzy accessories. Beaded headbands, feather headbands, and Great Gatsby flapper-inspired headbands give a lady hundreds of options to find a headpiece that allows her to dance the night away; a headband that matches and expresses her personality, her style, and her individual love of jazz.

4 & 5) Dapper Knotz and Hey Sir


Our Favorite Esty Shops Jazz - Dapper KnotzFor the gentleman who is looking to up his snazzy style for a night on the town, he needs a quality, eye-catching bow tie. Dapper Knotz offers a selection of musically themed bow ties, bright floral and paisley bow ties, and polka dot and geometric print bow ties that you won’t find anywhere else. Their styles aren’t classic or subtle – they’re bright, bold, and will cause a truly dapper man to stand out in a crowd.


Our Favorite Etsy Shops Jazz - Hey SirHey Sir is another Etsy shop that specializes in men’s ties and bowties, and they offer a few more traditional, subtle designs. Find a crisp black bowtie for your next event, or a number of silk bowties to match your outfit for any occasion. Additionally, Hey Sir has a selection of pocket squares and suspenders, to kick your swinging look up to the next level.

6) Paper Boys Paper


Our Favorite Etsy Shops Jazz - Paper Boys Paper

Jazz shook up the world and taught the world to shake. The ripple effect can be seen through historical documents, like newspapers, magazine articles, and public discussions. Paper Boy’s Paper is a unique Etsy shop that brings you these historical moments into your own home with preserved articles and promo material for Thelonius Monk, Ethel Ennis, Bill Evans, and other great jazz artists who shook things up.

7)  Horn & Castle


Our Favorite Etsy Shops Jazz - Paper Boys PaperFor the jazz pianist, bass plucker, drummer, trumpet player, or trombone blower in your life, there are a number of ways to celebrate their love of their jazz instruments. Show your pride in their talent, and cherish the dedication of any musician with the trinkets and buttons that Horn & Castle provide for all types of musicians.

8) Red Shutter Orleans


Our Favorite Etsy Shops Jazz - Paper Boys Paper

With true New Orleans flair, Kerin Beard paints a unique perspective on New Orleans in particular, and the south in general. Red Shutter Orleans is a unique gallery of paintings and posters that depict New Orleans street scenes and people. Full of movement, creativity, and a simple language of color, Soul of New Orleans is a good example of what you can expect from Red Shutter Orleans.

9) The Lemon Peel


Our Favorite Etsy Shops Jazz - Paper Boys Paper

The Lemon Peel provides shoppers custom art prints of all types of musicians, especially celebrating the lovely ladies of jazz like Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. Sleek lines and simple contrasting colors bring the focus not to the beauty of these ladies’ faces, but the beauty of their jazz artists’ spirit. Their bright talents and shining voices continue to make them towering figures of legendary beauty in jazz, and in American culture in general.

Celebrate the culture, legacy, and heritage of American art all year long. For National Jazz Appreciation Month, remember that moments spent with loved ones – dancing, singing, playing together – are the best celebration of life.


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