3 Easy Ways to Celebrate World Kidney Day

World Kidney DayJoin awareness and charity efforts to stop kidney disease on this World Kidney Day, March 12, 2015

Every day is a good day to give to charity, but on March 12, 2015, celebrate World Kidney Day by giving a nod to the importance of these vital organs. Give to charity, spread awareness, and encourage your loved ones to educate themselves about kidney disease and kidney health.

All month, Everlasting Footprint has been advocating for kidney disease awareness, including our group Footprint for the Faces of Kidney Disease, an informative blog about the symptoms of kidney disease, and our review of Etsy shops where you can find kidney health related products. Join us today, and spread the word.

Easy Last Minute Ways to Celebrate World Kidney Day

#1: Print Some Amazing Kidney Stickers

Download and print some fun (and absolutely free!) stickers that celebrate your amazing kidneys.

#2: Drink a Glass of Water

One of the best and easiest ways to take care of your kidneys is to make sure you drink enough water. Drink an extra glass of water today, in honor of your kidneys. And encourage everyone you know to do the same.

 #3: Give to the National Kidney Foundation

Visit the Faces of Kidney Disease group Everlasting Footprint to quickly and easily give to the National Kidney Foundation, through charity services provided by Ammado. The National Kidney Foundation supports research on treatments for kidney disease, as well as gives generously to people affected by kidney disease. Help them by giving generously today.

In honor of our staff writer, Liz Grear, whose life has been affected by polycystic kidney disease, we encourage everyone to become involved with supporting efforts that promote kidney health.

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