Facebook’s Legacy Contact Update and Everlasting Footprint

Facebook announces new Legacy Contact

Facebook announces new Legacy Contact

Recently, Facebook announced the introduction of their “Legacy Contact” feature. As a Facebook user, you can now set your account to include a Facebook Legacy Contact – a person who will be allowed some access to your Facebook account after your death. The Facebook Legacy Contact can, if you designate, backup an archive of all your Facebook posts, as well as memorialize your page for future visitors.

At Everlasting Footprint, we are celebrating this revolution for Facebook users. As Facebook realizes the importance of its members’ digital legacies, the social network has been working to improve its users’ options for online memorials and digital tributes. Although Facebook has allowed account members to memorialize user profiles for some time, this new pseudo-Executor designation takes online tributes to the next level – where Everlasting Footprint is waiting to help everyone make the most of their digital legacy.

Once a person’s Facebook profile has been memorialized, users can continue to post comments of grief or well-wishes for mourners, but some people feel uncomfortable receiving these updates in their newsfeeds – sandwiched between food photos, diet advice, baby updates, and Groupon ads. Often, people stop following loved ones who have passed away, as the comments from the dead seem out of place amidst the bustle of life.

Everlasting Footprint is the space where Facebook users can continue their conversation about grief and mourning, the conversation about celebrating a person’s life. The new Facebook Legacy Contact for someone’s Facebook account can direct mourners to continue discussing their feelings about the deceased person on the person’s Everlasting Footprint.

Create a Digital Memorial at Everlasting Footprint

Create a Digital Memorial at Everlasting Footprint

Because a Footprint is designed to celebrate every moment of a person’s life, there is no topic that can’t be discussed. Because a Footprint is designed for loved ones to collaborate and share memories, there is room for everyone’s photos, stories, quotes, and more. Because a Footprint is designed to be passed down through generations, you can include the person’s Facebook archive – to show a glimpse of who they were – but you can include so much more, to show what impact the person’s life had on the world.

In addition to choosing your Facebook Legacy Contact and other social media account managers, create your Everlasting Footprint account and invite Collaborators to help you create Everlasting Footprints, today.


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