Sunday Round Up – Modern Death

Our weekly round up of stories and articles about coping with loss, dealing with grief, mourning our loved ones, talking about our final days, and celebrating life culled from various corners of the web. For previously featured grieving-related news and stories, check out our EF Roundup Section.

This week’s round up is on the “Modern Death” and how the dialogue about death continues to evolve in this present day.

Are You Ready to Write Your Own Obituary 
by: Sean Braswell, USA Today

“I don’t want anyone to ever have to guess who I was or what I accomplished,” Turner says. “I work too hard in this life to be misunderstood after death.”

This is What Death Really Looks Like
by: Hayley MacMillan, Refinery29

Catherine Ertmann About Dying Photos

Sometimes, in debating death, we forget that it’s not an abstract concept. Ertmann hopes that “About Death” will illustrate “the incomprehensible fact that life ends, and hopefully remind the audience that our time here is precious and what things really matter while we are here.”

Funeral Selfies, a 21st Century Way to Grieve
by: Barbara Fletcher, OZY

Cue audible gasp. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the #funeralselfie , this may come as a shock. But it’s becoming a common practice among the younger generation, and some professionals think it’s OK. Even a good thing. Read more: OZY – Smarter, Fresher, Different

Parties, jokes and coffins: A good death in Kinshasa
by: Maud Jullien, BBC

Dixon Makela Coffins

“When a person dies, people spend hundreds on drinks, food and everything needed for a nice ceremony. But when a person falls sick, there is no one to pay for the medical bills to save their life in the first place.”


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