Sunday Grief Healing Round Up

Our weekly round up of stories and articles about coping with loss, dealing with grief, mourning over the death of loved ones, and celebrating life culled from various corners of the web. For previously featured grieving-related news and stories, check out our EF Roundup Section.

R.I.P. Fido: Grief groups grow as society views pets as family members 

By: Barbara Pash; The Baltimore Sun


“Their names were Bandar and Pixel. When they died, Bandar in 2013 and Pixel in 2014, Linda Schenk as shaken. She had owned both cats for 15 years. They’d been with her through a move to California and back home to Baltimore and a marriage, and their deaths left her sad and bereft.”

Grief In The Classroom: ‘Saying Nothing Says A Lot’

By: Elissa Nadworny; NPR

Grief in the Classroom

“If the person you care about most in your life is dead, that’s huge,” he says. “For the individual who’s experienced a loss, it’s infinite, and we have to have that perspective.”

Do Comfort and Adventure Have to Be Mutually Exclusive?

By: Will Donnelly; Psych Central

“Yet in this adventure to explore my grief, I wonder, am I simply longing to go back, back to the long red couch, with the soft, cushy white comforter, and the sweet, soft and happy dog on my stomach? Back to the tall glass windows that were like living art, light constantly moving around us, as if we could reach out and touch it, the sun, the rain, the clouds. Back to the vista of wild geese on their migration south, allowing my morning coffee to become something more than silent.”

Eunie Alsaker: Grief and healing for young adults

By: Eunie Alsaker; Winona Daily News

“Over the past generation, our understanding of grief has changed considerably. We now realize there are no universal stages to pass through. There is no time-table for grief. We know there is no one face of grief, that everyone has an individual style. And while zest for life can return and the intense mourning cease, grief itself doesn’t end.”


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