Everlasting Footprint Supports SOS Kids Foundation

SOS Kids event Dec 2014At the SOS Kids charity event, December 2014

Everlasting Footprint recently supported the SOS Kids Foundation with the children’s organization’s fundraiser, in conjunction with the DNAs Dance of Art and Science art show. The event on December 11, 2014, was held in New York City and showcased several talented local artists who donated works to help kids with cancer fight dangerous infections. Raising approximately $12,000, the event also highlighted the brave fight many youngsters go through when battling this life threatening disease.

SOS Kids Founder and President Aleks Nikolich knows first-hand the devastating effects that cancer treatment has on children. His own daughter suffered with an infection that could have ended her life, but Dr. Thomas J. Walsh, who has dedicated his life to finding ways to fight infectious diseases, was able to save her life through a combination of anti-fungal medications. Many children fight similar issues; the cure for cancer may also be life threatening in itself, because it so completely suppresses the immune system. Infections become a dangerous problem.

Visit SOS Kids to help kids with cancer recover fully

Dr. Nick Zhou, CEO of Everlasting Footprint, comments that he is pleasantly surprised at the great turnout of approximately two hundred people, and that so many of them were young. He believes this shows that young people indeed do have their hearts “in the right place.” Dr. Zhou observed that at least eight artists offered jewelry, paintings, and photography for the cause. Many artists are locally well known, and the event gave everyone the opportunity to learn about SOS Kids. The DNAs Dance of Art and Science became involved through its founder, Egle Petraityte.

Dr. Zhou states that a partnership between Everlasting Footprint and SOS Kids Foundation is one that he feels deeply committed to. He believes in giving back to the community, and in using Everlasting Footprint as a conduit of support and awareness for the important issue of helping kids with cancer, and those fighting all types of major diseases. He urges people to also take a look at the SOS page on Crowdrise to find more information. You can donate easily and securely over the Internet at Crowdrise or the Everlasting Footprint for Kids with Cancer.

Everlasting Footprint hopes to have a long lasting relationship with SOS Kids. Help them by directly Collaborating on the Everlasting Footprint for Kids with Cancer.

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