#TipsonTuesday: How to Build a Free Memorial Website

Create a Digital Memorial at Everlasting FootprintCreate a Digital Memorial at Everlasting Footprint

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you may be interested in building a free memorial website that allows you a personalized digital memorial for the person. There are several online memorial websites offer visitors a place to make posts about deceased loved ones, but for the fullest digital scrapbook and free online memorial, visit Everlasting Footprint.

Everlasting Footprint is a dedicated to helping everyone remember and honor the lives and legacies of their loved ones who have passed away. A unique social network, Everlasting Footprint is the only place where you can create free web pages in memory of your loved ones. You can create photo albums, timelines of important moments in the loved one’s life, let family and friends leave stories and memorial poems, and collect other digital scraps that help bring your memorial ideas into reality.

Get Your Digital Memorial Started

When you begin to create an Everlasting Footprint for a loved one, you may feel overwhelmed about where to begin. Relax. Feel the love you have for the deceased person. Keep that love in mind while you prepare to create a digital memorial for them.

Create a List. The first thing that many people do to begin organizing their thoughts is to make a list of the memories about the person they want to pay tribute to. What is the person’s birthday? What are the special moments in his or her life? What are some fondest memories of the person? A list can help you get organized before logging into the website to create your free memorial website pages.

Find a Few Photos. Many Everlasting Footprint members have a great deal of photos – both digital and printed – of the loved one to be featured in your digital memorial. It doesn’t matter whether the photos you have show the memories on your list or not – putting a few of them together in one place will help you feel ready to begin creating your memorial.

Talk to Other Loved Ones. Everlasting Footprint is designed to be a wiki-style social network – the free web pages you build in memory of your deceased loved one can be added to and edited by other people who want to remember and celebrate the life of the deceased. Invite family members and friends who to join you in creating your digital memorial by adding their own memories, stories, photos, and memorial poems.

Think of Everlasting Footprint as a digital memory board and scrapbook
The Memories” by Kat Tomilloso)

Creating an Everlasting Footprint

The online memorial websites offered by Everlasting Footprint are called “Footprints.” Each Footprint allows Collaborators to add biographical descriptions, photos, Timeline moments, and Stories to different sections of the Footprint – to create a full picture and digital memorial of the person’s life.

Creating an Everlasting Footprint has six steps:

  1. Basic Information
  2. Theme
  3. Timeline Moments
  4. Photo Albums
  5. Storybook
  6. Charity Fundraiser

If you don’t have information to put into a step, you can skip it and add to that section of the Footprint later. Add as many or as few photos as you want – customize your loved one’s Footprint Storybook, and raise money for a cause in their honor.

To help you make your loved one’s Everlasting Footprint as thorough as possible, EF has created a full series of FAQ articles to help you through the process of creating your free memorial website, including “How do I invite Collaborators?” and “How do I add a Timeline Moment?

You can also review our ideas from previous #TipsonTuesday blog posts, such as “How to Write a Story for an Everlasting Footprint” and “How to Choose a Charity.” EF has a number of valuable resources to help you honor, commemorate, and celebrate the life of your loved ones with free web pages that you create as your own memorial website for the person. We want everyone to be able to make the kind of digital memorial that can be passed through generations. We love to help people share the stories that make up their lives.


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