The Legacy of Fan Loyalty in Families

Just as with any family tradition, kids grow up learning certain values when a family is avid about their particular sports team. The family passes on that loyalty to their kids. One of the important things for kids to learn is how to be part of a community, and sports fan loyalty provides that connection. Children also learn the ups and downs of a team – cheering when they are on top and hanging in there when the team is in the doldrums. Children are making memories, learning positive behaviors and sportsmanship from the modeling of their parents. Kids who experience live sports get to see the makings of teamwork in action, and they see how a team is inspired by particular experiences. Sometimes, seeing the underdog upset the predicted winner can be an adrenaline fueled satisfaction.

Children learn valuable lessons about sportsmanship from adults Photo: "Who do we appreciate" by WoodleyWonderWorks
Children learn valuable lessons about sportsmanship from adults
(Photo by WoodleyWonderWorks)

Most of all, following a family sports team can be a bonding experience, one that lasts more than a lifetime. Your team just made it into the National Championships? Gather round the television, cook some delicious food, and watch the game together. Slap each other on the back when your team scores. Your family tradition might include making all sorts of bets or dares. Your memories of dad, uncles, brothers, grandmothers, and friends might include razzing and friendly banter about whose team will win. Or maybe your family likes to play live sports against one another. Having a friendly match in the neighborhood is one of the best ways of making memories. Sports are an integral part of families.

There’s always someone in every family whose fan loyalty is so great that he or she can quote statistics on every player on the team. The legacy of your sports-loving family member will live long after he or she passes away. There will be plenty of stories to tell about how your loved one celebrated the team’s wins and grumbled about the losses. The memories and family tradition of sport team loyalty that live on through generations is one of the small things forming the glue that holds families together. Watching and playing sports together is an American tradition, as well as a family tradition. Handing down the family sports legacy is what Americans do.

Fan loyalty can be obvious at your Superbowl Party Photo by Nate BoltFan loyalty can be obvious at your Super Bowl Party
(Photo by Nate Bolt)

The Super Bowl represents the epitome of tradition, and while family traditions vary regarding the Super Bowl, a few things remain consistent. Traditional Super Bowl food like chicken wings and nacho dip make an appearance. Spectators wear jerseys of their favorite team’s players. Friends and loved ones gather round the biggest large screen television they can find and have a Super Bowl party. Cheers, a few beers, and a couple hours later, and the family is still together, all holding their breath until the football season starts over again. Making memories in that way, they become memories that live forever when we reminisce about loved ones past. Live sports and fan loyalty become integral to the legacies of the loved ones in our lives.

This February 1, 2015, if you’re going to be watching the Super Bowl with your loved ones, take a moment to celebrate the life and legacy of a great sports fan you have known. Create an Everlasting Footprint and make his or her fan loyalty known to the world.


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