Sunday Round Up – Stories About Grief and Mourning

Our weekly round up of stories and articles about coping with loss, mourning after a death, and celebrating life culled from various corners of the web. For previously featured grieving-related news and stories, check out our EF Roundup Section.

New Year, New Grief: What to Say When Someone Dies

By: Teresa Bruce,

New Year New Grief - What to Say When Someone Dies

“For some mourners, replacing their calendar from the year of a significant loss might feel like it offers a “fresh start.” For many of the recently bereaved, though, the New Year marks another level of removal from beloved ones, another severing of increasingly tenuous connections to them and/or their memories.”

Mourning the Fallen: Police Wear Bands for Slain NYPD Officers 

By: Polly Mosendz, Newsweek

“It is not common for civilians to show an outward symbol of respect like that,” said Chris Cosgriff, the executive director of Officer Down. “It is great to see and heartwarming to the law enforcement community to see the symbol adopted by civilians.”

Mourning in the wake of the AirAsia tragedy 

By: Washington Post AirAsia Tragedy

Neil Patrick Harris Reveals His Grandmother Died on Christmas: Read His Touching Message

By: US Weekly  


This week’s featured footprint: J.R.R. Tolkien

Everlasting Footprint JRR Tolkien Screenshot

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