New Year’s Message from Nick Zhou, CEO

Nick Zhou, CEO, August 2014

Nick Zhou, CEO, on Route 1 in California in August 2014

Dear Everlasting Footprint Community Members,

Thank you for your support for Everlasting Footprint in 2014. Our company has made strides in the past year. Our website launched in Beta on October 23, 2014, and we have received extremely positive feedback from our early users and the media. I want to thank all our Everlasting Footprint Team Members for their hard work, their dedication, and their compassion for helping people commemorate their loved ones.

One of our members, Micky Stone, created an Everlasting Footprint for his friend, John Demasi, who passed away recently. Mr. Stone sent EF the following note:

“Just wanted to say thanks for creating Everlasting Footprint. It has really helped me over the past couple of days.”

Lori Marshall and Mark Sanders from Continuity of Life wrote about EF as well:

“We think Everlasting Footprint is a truly innovative and wonderful tributary concept. With the internet seemingly bound to last as long as we do, Everlasting Footprint gives you the ability to keep your most precious memories of a loved one at your fingertips. It gives you access to photos, stories, and the people who are connected to them. It’s a place where we can all go to share stories and keep in touch with those whose lives they touched. We think this site is of an important historical significance. It shows respect for our ancestry and holds them in our hearts and in our lives.”

In 2014, we began to make a difference in people’s lives. People who are grieving and need to remember the positive things about their loved one’s life in order to ease that grief. People who are seeking a community where they can share the things they love about their loved ones who have passed away. People who are looking for a way to teach future generations about the great histories of their own legacies. This year, EF has touched some of these people’s hearts, and the responses we’ve received increase our dedication to help more people.

In 2014, we also began to see how excited people are in general about our company’s idea and our site’s purpose. considers EF one of the “10 Up and Coming Companies Taking The Country By Storm” in their article published on November 11, 2014. I’d like to thank them for that honor.

MeetAdvisors feature on Everlasting Footprint up and coming startups

Featured as one of ten up and coming companies on


I’d also like to thank INC Magazine, who chose to quote me in their December 7, 2014, article.

But mostly, I’d like to thank the readers of our blog, the users of our site, and the members of our community. It is for you that our Team works everyday to bring you the best digital tribute website. Thank you.

And the best part is – Everlasting Footprint is just getting started. We want to bring Everlasting Footprint to millions of people in the upcoming years and establish it as the de facto destination for people to commemorate their loved ones on a regular basis.

Here is to a wonderful 2015!

Best wishes for everyone,
Nick Zhou, Co-founder and CEO
Everlasting Footprint

About Nick Zhou

Nick Zhou is the CEO and a Co-Founder of Everlasting Footprint, as well as the former Chief Technology Officer. He currently operates the NYC Headquarters, coordinating with the international team. Mr. Zhou has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry and over 11 years of experience in business. He received his BS in Computer Science from Wuhan University in China, an MBA from the University of Maryland, and a PhD in Computer Science from Ohio Sate University. Prior to Everlasting Footprint, Mr. Zhou was the President and CEO of Nicholas Chou (formerly MP Marketing Center) and Founder of Chinese Food DIY. Mr. Zhou launched Everlasting Footprint on October 23, 2014, with the main goal of making a difference in people's lives. After his grandmother passed away from a tragic accident, he was unable to attend her funeral. By creating Everlasting Footprint, he has given families like his a chance to remember their loved one's life. Mr. Zhou has built a community where many share the stories they love about their loved ones and carry on personal legacies. Mr. Zhou is fluent in Chinese and English. His interests range from product development, investing, and graphic design to music, badminton, and traveling.

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