Our Favorite Etsy Shops for Super Bowl 2015

People around the world celebrate the lives of loved ones in many wonderful ways, and we, the Everlasting Footprint Team, find memorabilia created in remembrance of others truly inspiring. Leading up to Superbowl 2015, we commemorate football, families, and American cultural heritage.

In some families, there is a legacy of playing sports or being a fan of a certain sportsteam, which transcends generations. Football, both at the college and at the professional level, is an all-American game that brings families together for celebrations throughout the year. From spring training to summer try-outs, from Friday night lights to the Superbowl, football is a part of many family traditions throughout the year.

The online community of shopkeepers at Etsy connects people looking to buy and sell vintage sports items and handmade artwork for football games, football teams, and Superbowl parties that can’t be found anywhere else. Each shopkeeper, and each item they bring to market, has a history, a legacy, and a story.

At Everlasting Footprint, we are dedicated to bringing people together to share stories and express their feelings on celebrating life and cultural heritage. What better way than to review some of the amazing pieces, artisans, and craftspeople who work every day to keep football history alive?

Although there are thousands of great Etsy shops that feature vintage Superbowl collectibles, Superbowl party items, and other football artwork and merchandise, here are our Top 5 Choices:



Advertising “Pennants Galore!” the Etsy shop of AntiqueSportsShop.com brings together very rare and highly collectible antique sports items. Whether you are a fan of a particular college or professional football team – even one that’s not around anymore, like the Houston Oilers – Shopkeeper Keith Javic has a collection that could satisfy any fan of football history. Not only does the shop boast a wide collection of pennants, but they also have antique bobble-heads and football themed beer mugs for sale, alongside some really cool early 20th century artwork of female football fans.


Gabrielle’s Costumes

A costume shop specializing in dance and club clothes and cheerleading costumes for women, this shop is for the female football fan who also loves tailgating and fun in the sun. Although the skirts are short and the tops are generally bikini-style and revealing, the designs are varied and offer different styles and color combinations for practically every professional football team, and many college teams as well. If you’re looking to make a big splash at your next football event or Superbowl party, these costumes will certainly help you do that. For the lady football lover who doesn’t want to let everything hang out, shopkeeper Cynthia Shiller also offers a line of handmade lingerie, so a lady can represent her team discretely.


Genuine Touch Designs

Genuine Touch Design - Favorite Superbowl 2015 Etsy shops

For Superbowl 2015, no matter who you cheer for, you can show off your favorite team in style. With sizes ranging from kids to adults, this shop offers handpainted shoes that sport the logo of your favorite football team. Mostly their selection includes a range of different types of sneakers, from high top Converse to low top Vans, and even Toms slippers. Shopkeepers Justin and Joleen take custom orders and will create for you the style of shoe you prefer, with the handpainted logo of your favorite team. They will create a matching set for the entire family.


 TiKs Treats

Tiki Treats - Favorite Superbowl 2015 Etsy shops

While this shop offers a number of designs of chocolates, candies, and chocolate covered pretzels for different types of occasions, their football candies are perfect for any Superbowl party. Offer your guests, or show up at the Superbowl party you’re attending, with a treat that no one else will have: chocolate covered pretzels coated in crunchy sugar crystals. Order early and get your pretzels or chocolate beer mugs customized to coordinate with your team’s colors.


Flipflop Bottlecaps

With a fun, whimsical style, this shop offers customized bottle tops with names and images that work well as small gifts or party favors. Shopowner Sherri Hackney uses the simple bottle caps in the most creative manners, creating earrings, flip-flops, zipper-pulls, keychains, magnets, and necklaces with them. Customize bottlecap accessories with your favorite football team, get matching pieces for your family with individualized football and other sports images, or commemorate your own special occasion with a set of fun football themed bottlecaps for everyone.

Celebrate the culture, legacy, and heritage of your family all year long. At your Superbowl 2015 party, remember that moments spent with loved ones are the best way to celebrate life together, every day.


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