Dario Robleto: The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed – The Menil Collection

Dario Robleto, The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed.
(Photo by Houston Chronicle)

To continue our series of articles about American death inspired art, we feature the Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed exhibit by Dario Robleto at The Menil Collection in Houston, Texas. As we continue through this holiday season, let us not forget the loved ones we have lost, and the experience of that loss in our hearts.

Dario Robleto is contemporary artist with a vast array of abilities. A 1997 graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, he creates sculpture, fine art with paper, unique wreaths, album covers, posters, and prints. He explores the subjects of music, science, US history, and culture. Much of Robleto’s artwork uses old items, incorporating them into new, unique designs. Some projects include intricately detailed cut paper. Robleto has achieved many solo exhibitions and been the artist in residence at several museums.

From August 16, 2014, through January 4, 2015, Robleto’s work will be the focus at an exhibit at The Menil Collection, 1533 Sul Ross Street, in Houston, Texas. This exhibit is an exploration of loss and the meaning of life. In collaboration with Houston’s Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, Dario Robleto brings together his project The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed.

Robleto has been researching the history of the human heartbeat, especially the earliest attempts at recording a heartbeat. Bringing together branches of science including NASA research and research on items such as the artificial heart, Robleto examines all forms of loss through his unique approach. The artist also utilizes the medical world, as well as the world of contemporary art. The exhibit includes sculptures as well as old recordings; The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed promises to be something rare.

Loss is something common to all of us, but it has rarely been explored in this type of environment. The world has scientific papers, philosophical writings, and psychologists who teach about loss, but we don’t usually see these forms of expression come together as a combination of science with artwork. Perhaps Dario Robleto’s American death inspired art exhibit will spur discovery of new ways to cope, share, and move forward after loss. Perhaps The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed will spark new ideas and ways to connect to heal from grief and celebrate life.

Contact The Menil Collection online or call (713) 525-9400 for more information.

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