Sunday Round Up – Stories About Coping with Loss

Our weekly round up of stories and articles about coping with loss, dealing with death, and celebrating life culled from various corners of the web. For previously featured grieving-related news and stories, check out our EF Roundup Section.

An Extra Angel on Top of the Tree 

By: Jessica Strawser, New York Times

Christmas Tree Angel - Coping with Loss at the Holidys

“Holidays can be laced with emotional triggers even when no trauma is involved. In my case, as the first anniversary of my friend’s Christmas Eve death approached, I could barely stand the sight of twinkling white lights, the sound of Frank Sinatra or, worst of all, the very idea of a Christmas tree.”

Holidays, Grief and Healing 

By: Fredda Wasserman, Huffington Post

Holidays Grief and Healing by Fredda Wasserman

“As Maria stood in line waiting to board the plane, the woman behind her said in an all too cheery voice: “Are you going home for the holidays? You must be so excited.” In a not so jovial tone, Maria blurted out, “No, I’m going home for a funeral.”

Second-Hand Grief Would the love of my life — reeling from the loss of her mother — ever be happy again? 

By: Laura Leigh Abby, Modern Loss

Modern Loss Second Hand Grief

“The natural order of things dictates we bury our parents, but there was nothing natural about my then 26-year-old girlfriend watching her mom die. I don’t know how to tell people when they ask about loss, that watching Sam lose her mom is the greatest sorrow I have ever known. I called it second-hand grief.”

A 500-Mile Hike With My Boyfriend’s Ashes Helped Me Heal 

By: Sarah Fox, Refinery29

Coping with Loss - Emily Zurimis 500 mile hike with boyfriend's ashes

“A year and a half ago, I had crawled into a tiny hospital bed in Philadelphia with my boyfriend, Chris. Pressed together by the tightness of the guard rails, I nestled my chin into his bony shoulder and listened to him say that there nothing left to do; his body was rejecting the new lungs he had received two years before, and he was going home to die. It was a week before his 31st birthday.”


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