Sunday RoundUp: The Grieving Process

Our weekly round up of stories and articles culled from various corners of the web that focus on the various complicated emotions surrounding death and the grieving process. Check out our EF Roundup Category for all death news, death stories, and  coverage on advice for healing after loss.

Grieving is More Complicated than Seven Stages 

By: Scott Scanlon, The Buffalo News

Everlasting Footprint Stages of Grieving

“Death is the ending of a life, but not a relationship. It’s OK to talk about this. It’s OK to laugh. The greatest gift that you can give your family is the gift of the story of yourself and your relatives. … It’s who you are and where they came from. You don’t want to lose that story.”

Heartfelt Photography Helps Grieving Parents of Stillborn Babies Cope

By: Georgina Connery, Canberra Times

Everlasting Footprint Heartfelt Photography

“Having a photo that is non-medical, but rather beautifully lit and photographed can make a world of difference to grieving.”

‘Comfort Bears’ Help Grieving Parents

By: Peter Kuebeck, Sentinel Tribute

“Kelly Gerken has a mission: to comfort mothers and families who, like her, have lost children in childbirth.”

Social Media is Transforming the Way We View Death and Grieving

By: Adam Wernik, PRI


In some ways, this new reality is upending social norms surrounding the grieving process and mourning, Cann says: “Funerals and weddings always reflect the hierarchy of the relationships of that particular person. Now, everyone is equal. Everyone has equal access to the deceased.”

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This Week’s Featured Footprints:

Sandy Hook Elementary

It’s been two years since tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary School. Today, we take a moment to remember those 26 victims.

Everlasting Footprint - Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary


Robin Williams

At Thursday night’s New York premiere of Night at the Museum, it was clear that Robin Williams’ was on everybody’s mind. Read and celebrate the life and legacy of the beloved actor by checking out his footprint:

Everlasting Footprint - Remembering and Celebrating Robin Williams

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