#TipsonTuesday: How to Choose A Charity

EF #TipsonTuesdayWith a staggering 1.5 million nonprofit foundations and charities in the United States, how should you choose a charity to support? There is a range of how your money is used, who receives it, and how much of it reaches the intended people. These factors depend on the organization’s leaders, the company’s philosophy of giving, and its efficiency in accomplishing goals. As some charities expand, so does their overhead, and some are more forthcoming than others about their finances.

Unfortunately, scams happen. People who want to help others who are suffering must be smart about their generosity. Many people want to leave money to help others, and they need to be vigilant when choosing a reliable charity.

People connect with charities that tug at their heartstrings. Have you lost a loved one to cancer or other illness? Do you still remember that cute little pug you rescued from the pound? Do you want to help the most innocent of us, our children? Do you see a day when an illness is eradicated from the face of the earth? Have you lost a friend that worked tirelessly to teach children how to stand up to bullying?

There is a foundation or charity for anything you can think of. You may choose a charity in support of a national organization, or one that is close to home or where you know the people involved. Discover which charity most closely meets your requirements and that you feel will do your loved one justice.

Choose a charity and open your heartLuckily, there are several sources of information to help you determine which charities represent your loved one. Several institutes monitor charities and provide information and ratings so that you can choose a charity that meets consistent high standards. Find information at:

The information reviewed on these sites include the organization’s board of directors, compensation, conflicts of interests, expenses broken down by classification, disclosures, privacy, marketing, fund raising materials, and effectiveness. These reports let you know information that helps you choose a charity that uses its funds to help those in need.

For a helpful list of things to think about when donating to charity, as well as explanations of different measures of charities, visit give.org, a Better Business Bureau alliance.

Decide what group to help, do your research, and then include the charities of your choice on Everlasting Footprints for your loved ones, so everyone can give freely. Know that the person you’ve lost is still helping to change the world.


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