Sunday Round Up About Death and Dying

Our weekly round up of interesting articles that discuss death and dying culled from various corners of the web.

Dear Kate: Living With Grief 

By: Nancy Comiskey, Indianapolis Monthly

Dear Kate

Following our daughter’s death, my husband and I saw no end to the grief. Yet we have somehow discovered meaning, hope, and even joy after life’s most terrible loss.


Am I Dying? The Honest Answer

By: Matthew O’Reilly, TED

Matthew O'Reilly TED


This Kid Just Died: Grief Porn Enters the Facebook Era 

B: Kelly Conaboy, Gawker


Right now, in a place you’ve never visited, a person you’ll never know is dying. If he’s dying in a particularly devastating way—and, more importantly, if he is leaving behind shareable content—it is possible that millions of strangers will mourn his or her death tomorrow. Why?


What It’s Like to Wake Up Dead 

By: Dr. Anand Veeravagu, MD, The Daily Beast


Recent news has been scattered with stories of people thought to be dead, but ‘waking up’ hours later. Death isn’t as black and white as we may think.

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