Our Favorite Etsy Shops of Native American Art

By: Cortni Merritt and Tiffany Qua

People around the world celebrate the lives of loved ones in many wonderful ways, and we, the Everlasting Footprint Team, find Native American art created in honor of others truly inspiring.

Native American Heritage Month

For Native American Heritage Month, we’ve decided to honor the historical/cultural legacy of the original inhabitants of this great land and their descendants by promoting their art and products in our Etsy feature.

The online community of shopkeepers at Etsy connects people looking to buy and sell vintage items and handmade artworks that can’t be found anywhere else. Each shopkeeper, and each item they bring to market, has a history, a legacy, and a story.

At Everlasting Footprint, we are dedicated to bringing people together to share stories and express their feelings on life and death. What better way than to review some of the amazing pieces, artisans, and craftspeople who work every day to keep history alive?

Although there are thousands of great Etsy shops that feature authentic Native American art and Native American-inspired merchandise, here are our Top 10 Choices:


wadeANTONY Etsy Shop: Custom Knives and Handcraft

The wadeANTHONY Etsy shop, managed by shopkeeper Wade Popelish, is a center for custom knives and Native American art and artifacts. Knives are generally carved from stag or elk antler, but he also creates pieces out of housewares, such as this graniteware skillet decorated with turquoise, beads, stag, antler, and other traditional Native American items. Memory jugs, pendants, and knife holders – Popelish is often in his shop, putting together authentic, meaningful Native American arts and crafts.

Aureus Arts

Aureus Arts Etsy Shop: Premium Carved Animal Skulls and Native American Items

Focusing on carved animal skulls, Aureus Arts also includes an inventory of Native American-inspired feathered headdresses of all colors. Made in Indonesia, these pieces reproduce Native American art, even using authentic materials. The cutest of all the headpieces – the “Horns War Bonnet” – features real duck feathers and painted cow horns. A variety of hand-carved animal skulls include steer and horse skulls of different complexity, as well as jaw-dropping carved skulls of buffalo and big horn rams. Each piece takes days to carve, and undergoes careful shipping considerations.


iCollectSouthwest Etsy Shop: Your Home for Southwest and Native American Collections

Looking for the best vintage authentic Native American art and jewelry available? iCollectSouthwest brings together a complete and varied collection of gorgeous pieces – everything from the most beautiful 1970s turquoise and jet Rainbow Man Zuni bolo ties, to selections of 20-year-old cut-glass bead pouches. From silver and coral bracelets to Helen Chee-signed silver storyteller concho belts, shopkeeper Sunshine loves all classic, vibrant Southwestern Native American art.

Local Bead Shop

Local Bead Shop Etsy: inspired by Native American art

Etsy shopkeeper Jake Nogoy at the Local Bead Shop has put together a vast collection of Native American-inspired jewelry, reproduced from high quality materials based on the patterns that were popular with 19th-century Comanche American Indians. Real leather and buffalo bone come together with beautiful glass beads to create elaborate bracelets, necklaces, and breastplates. Ceremonial and dramatic, all the pieces at the Local Bead Shop pay tribute and honor to the creativity and beauty of authentic Native American jewelry.

Cherokee Spirits

Cherokee Spirits Etsy Shop: authentic Native American art

Cherokee tribe member Rain Warrior dedicates his life to paying tribute to the Native American way of life every day. Rain Warrior’s shop, Cherokee Spirits, seeks to “give the medicine of bear spirit” with use of natural and authentic Native American art materials, including bear claws, beaver claws, and coyote teeth. The Cherokee Spirits shop offers beautiful jewelry and headdress war bonnets, and authentic wolf products as well. All of Rain Warrior’s items include certificates of authenticity. For something unique, check out Rain Warrior’s selection of Cherokee language Christmas ornaments and Cherokee language Christmas signs.

Cultural Patina

Cultural Patina Etsy Shop: A Passion Fulfilled

Dennis Brining of Cultural Patina has a passion for collecting all things beautiful and unique. The result is an Etsy shop chock full of meticulously curated, cultural relics from every corner of the globe. He boasts an extraordinary collection of rare American Southwest objects such as pottery and weavings. The Navajo weavings in particular are incredibly interesting because the women wove their life experiences into each piece, such as this Two Grey Hills weaving. Navajo people say that they learned to weave from Spider Woman and that the first loom was of sky and earth cords, with weaving tools of sunlight, lightning, white shell, and crystal. If pottery is more your speed, check out this beautiful “Whirling Godesses of Windway Chant” storm pot made from pueblo pottery.

Youngbear Designs

Youngbear Etsy Shop: Shawls and Wraps for the Young Spirit in Every One

The Youngbear Etsy shop sells hand made fleece wraps and ponchos for the “young spirit in everyone.” Available in a variety of patterns and colors, her products have garnered hundreds of rave reviews that attest to the quality, warmth, and softness of her products. What truly sets her items apart is the detail she puts into the vibrant designs, which are both eye catching and flattering at the same time. If you want to envelop yourself in unique Southwestern softness, check out this gorgeous Cross design and this Nightrider shawl.

Leather by Dar

Leather by Dar Etsy Shop: Native American Leather Apparel

Moccasins always come back in style during the colder seasons, and many high-end designers have put their own modern spin on this Native American footwear. If you are looking for something stylish, warm, and more authentic, Leather by Dar sells traditional moccasins for men, women, and children, which have been handcrafted by a family of Manitoba Metis women. Each shoe is made of genuine leather and fur and contains a symbol from their culture painstakingly beaded on the front of each one. Some designs include this wolf paw print, this bird, and this flower.

Peaceful Beadwork

Peaceful Beadwork Etsy Shop: Handmade Native American art and jewelry

Kashaokiwaki Wahpepah hails from the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma. She is also part Sac & Fox. Her store, Peaceful Beadwork, is one of the newer ones on Etsy that sells authentically Native American  beaded earrings. Utilizing the quality cut glass beads and traditional beading methods, she creates unique and colorful pieces that sparkle from different angles. This pair of earrings shows the intricate nature of her beadwork and is the perfect accent piece to any outfit.

Eli Thomas Art

Eli Thomas Art Etsy Shop: Native American Art, Nature Art, Inspirational Art

Eli Thomas, the proprietor of this Etsy shop, is a Native American wisdom keeper, artist, and teacher. Through his art, he shares the oral traditions and cultural symbols of the Onondaga Nation, his heritage. Many of his prints feature the wolf, a personal symbol of his clan and a representation of the respect he has for his brothers. All of his art pieces have a story, and he shares tidbits of that in his product descriptions. This beautiful piece called Gathering Place was inspired by a dream that he had, while Spirit of the Falls, a perennially sold out piece, was inspired by Thanksgiving and the family leaders of the Haudenosaunee nation.

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