Sunday Death and Grief Article Round Up

Our weekly round up of interesting articles culled from various corners of the web.

Can Pets Help Us from Beyond the Grave?

By: Krystine I. Batcho, Psychology Todayanimal-17760_1280

“The bond between a person and a valued pet can be so meaningful that it extends beyond the individual to unite others during the most critical stages of life.”

Grieving in the Facebook Era

By: Ana I. Grande, Huffington Post


“Posting on Facebook is our very human attempt to bring our loved ones back, to freeze the time and share our loss. It is a striking balance of anger, pain, gratitude and coming to terms with the ending of life on earth. A cyber community joins you in grievance for an instance that suffices and aids in our healing process.”

We Talk So Much About ‘Natural Birth’—When Can We Discuss Natural Death?

By: Julie Cross, Time Magazine

Atul Gawandem author of 'Being Mortal'

“We can keep people alive to the point that their lives have almost no value, but doctors tend not to be trained to address the subject of mortality with their patients.”

Woman GULAG prisoner at center of deeply moving post-war love triangle dies aged 94

By: The Siberian Times

Kalvdia and Yasha

“Heart-wrenching but inspiring story of romance emerges as 96 year old Japanese ex-PoW pens emotional last letter to his dead Russian wife.”

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