Sunday Round Up: Life and Death

Our weekly round up of interesting articles about life and death culled from various corners of the web.

A Child’s Eye View of Death: The Power of Picture Books to Explain 

By: Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

The Guardian

“Dealing with death, in picture books and early readers, is a challenge for parents and publishers alike. There’s often a knee-jerk feeling of revulsion to contend with – “That’s a bit dark”, or “Surely they’re too young for that?” – the readerly equivalent of the sign against the evil eye.”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Memory Jugs

By:  Eric Bradley

American Memory Jug

Did You Know: Memory jugs go by many names: Forget-me-not jugs, memory vessels, mourning jugs, spirit jars, ugly jars, whatnot jars, and whimsy jars?

Haunting Photos Explore A 26-Year-Old’s Death From Bulimia

By: Hayley MacMillen, Refinery29

Cammy Robinson was 26 years old when she had a seizure that led to a fatal heart attack; her death was the end point of a years-long struggle with bulimia. The Epilogue is a book by Laia Abril that takes us on a photographic journey through Robinson family snapshots, and official documents to deconstruct the grieving process of Cammy’s family. 

Step Inside A Cocktail Party In The Green-Wood Cemetery Catacombs

By: Tod Seelie, Gothamist

Greenwood Cemetery

“For three mysterious hours, the New York Obscura Society gave visitors a rare, late-night look inside the catacombs under Green-Wood Cemetery, where Samuel Ward McAllister (and others) are interred.

Designed to be a space of beauty for the living as well as the dead, Green-Wood continues to be an open green respite for the public to come both to mourn and to remember while experiencing the stunning landscape and memorial art of the cemetery grounds.”


This Week’s Featured Footprints

Iraq War Veterans


We’re counting down to Veterans Day with weekly coverage and tributes to the vets who’ve done so much for our country. 

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on vets who fought in the Iraq war by dedicating a footprint to them. 

Ebola Virus 

Everlasting Footprint Ebola Virus

Just like our very own Ebola Virus Footprint page that links to organizations & charities fighting against Ebola, it seems that Facebook is using its News Feed to link up to charities as well! 

We are trendsetters!  

In all seriousness though, please check out our Ebola footprint page to stay abreast of updates regarding the disease & to choose from a list of places you can donate to. The researchers and medical workers on these front lines work tirelessly, and they need all the help and support they can get. Every little bit helps! 

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We invite you to come collaborate on these Everlasting Footprints and share your own photos, stories and memories.

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