Our Favorite Etsy Shops for Dia de los Muertos

By: Tiffany Qua and Cortni Merritt

People around the world celebrate the lives of loved ones in many wonderful ways, and we, the Everlasting Footprint Team, find artwork created in honor of others truly inspiring.

The online community of shopkeepers at Etsy connects people looking to buy and sell vintage items and handmade artworks that can’t be found anywhere else. Each shopkeeper, and each item they bring to market, has a history, a legacy, and a story.

At EF, we are dedicated to bringing people together to share stories and express their feelings on life and death. What better way than to review some of the amazing pieces, artisans, and craftspeople who work every day to keep history alive?

Although there are thousands of great Etsy shops that feature Dia de los Muertos artwork and merchandise, here are our Top 10 Choices:


Xspresura - Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos Handcrafted Art

XSpresura prides itself in honoring the afterlife through artistic expression. The store is an extension of a Facebook community called Espiritu: Stories about the Spirit World and discusses art that centers on “the after life and the spirit that is kept alive long after the body transitions.” The shop contains one-of-a-kind Saint Shrines and Altars that are both beautiful and meaningful. However, they also have modern interpretations of traditional Mexican art, such as their Cerveza Nicho Ofrenda, a shrine with a Latin folk art interpretation made from a beer can.


iMakeTheCase: Bamboo Cases for iPhone 4, 5, 5C, 6 and Galaxy S4, S5Daniel Safkow creates intricately engraved custom phone covers from bamboo. This particular Dia de los Muertos case features the artwork of Calavera Oaxaqueña, a famous Mexican political printmaker who inspired many Latin American artists and cartoonists. It is the perfect gift for the eco-conscious consumer who appreciates beautiful design.


sewZinski: Hand Painted Ceramics, Modern Folk Art and Custom Gifts

Sarah Constantino of sewZinkski started off as a furniture designer before she took her love of all things handmade and became an artist full time. Her store contains hand-painted ceramics and home décor, as well as modern folk art inspired by different cultures. All the products showcase her eye for design and her talent as an artist, as all her pieces are illustrated, painted, and embroidered by hand. From simple salt and pepper sugar shakers to elaborate Madonna planters, sewZinski’s home goods are both practical and pleasing to the eye.


illustratedink: Folk Art, Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos & Tattoos

illustratedink’s store is a visual feast of colorful folk art in the style of old-school tattoos printed on note cards, posters, and paintings. What is especially noteworthy about illustratedink’s store is the special emphasis on celebrating man’s best friends (his pets) in the afterlife, something that is overlooked in other stores. Check out this set of animal postcards and this Loteria (Mexican Bingo) print set. These are the perfect gifts for any vintage art lover.


Dellamorteco: Dellamorte & Co

Michael Locasio and Heather Jean Skalwolds are the makers, designers, and curators of Dellamorteco, featuring alluring art pieces inspired by mythology, the occult, and the macabre. What started as a handful of sculptures turned into a line that now includes jewelry, bar ware, and curios exploring themes such as Dia de los Muertos and Voodoo. Many products are both functional and stand alone as gothic art pieces worthy of museum cases. Check out this beautiful anatomical Pewter heart vase, this Raven and Skull wine stopper, and this Dia de los Muertos wall plaque.

Red Hydrant Press

Red Hydrant Press: Hand pulled prints are still considered find art

Having trained in the artistic spirit of Mexico City, Alynn Guerra of Red Hydrant Press has creative vision and the skills to make it reality. A printmaker for nearly 20 years, she is an expert – from carving the plate to printing the final “rows of paper militants.” Alynn’s designs include lively skeletons riding as a “Bicycle Team” and scenes of “Music and Stories to Cure Sadness”. Inspired by nature, her linographs feature seeds, flowers, plants, and trees, celebrating the cycle of life and death, such as her piece, “Summer.”

Beautiful Mortal

Beautiful Mortal: Dia de los Muertos hand painted ceramics

The Beautiful Mortal shop contains dozens of Dia de los Muertos prints and plaques of statues and figurines. Inspired by a trip to Mexico City, the shopkeeper team – Calaveras Y Calacas – has been creating jaw-dropping artwork ever since. While some of the pieces are pop culture inspired – such as the “Deadly Betty Boop Hot Rod Print” or the “Dia de los Muertos Elvis Print” – others are pure tradition, such as the “Madonnas.” Because a group of artists works together, there is a variety of unique and eye-catching items.

Julie’s 5150 World

julies5150world: boxes, fabric, jewelry & collectibles

Juli Em of Julie’s 5150 World creates art from a special, magical place in her soul. Her colorful, personable artwork includes fabric, jewelry, and other handmade items with unique Dia de los Muertos patterns. As a member of the Bay Area Peninsula Artists, Juli’s pieces are lively with California influence. Her varieties of cotton fabrics offer both traditional and non-traditional Day of the Dead patterns like the “Los Novios by Alexander Henry” or the “Sugar Skulls Multicolor Floral”. Vibrant and lively, her patterns are perfect to adorn altars or be sewn into ribbons or costumes.


Pajamasquid: Day of the Dead, Tattoo Art, Shoes and Apparel

Pajamasquid from shopkeeper Brittany Hanks features clothing, printed artwork, handbags, and other beautiful creations. Growing up in New Orleans, Brittany was inspired by folklore, the wrought-iron railings of the city, and tattoo art. Her designs mix pin-up and punk art, and is often of skulls or women’s faces painted as sugar skulls. The detail and variation is staggering. In addition to the clothing, take a look at her custom phone cases and fashion parasols; all fun ways to carry the meaning and beauty of Dia de los Muertos with you all year.

Dog Central Designs

DogCentralDesigns: Unique Handmade Belt Buckles & More

Dog Central Designs is different because shopkeeper Susan is different. Her heart belongs to the pit bulls she rescues every day, which is why 10% of her sales go to animal shelters. Susan reflects her love in her animal-inspired art and animal-friendly products. Including pendants, belt buckles, earrings, and printed artwork, each piece is made by hand and with love, as Susan celebrates the animals that enhance our humanity. Check out her “Sugar Skull Elephant Pendant” for something different, or the “Calavera Woman Vintage Image Belt Buckle” for a real conversation starter.

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with your loved ones this year, both those alive and passed on. An Everlasting Footprint could be a unique digital altar.

Next month, the Everlasting Footprint Team will review our favorite Etsy shops for Native American Artwork, so don’t miss it.

For more Dia de los Muertos coverage, check out our Dia de los Muertos footprint below:

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  2. juli.m.em@hotmail.com'

    Thank you for featuring my shop in your article for favorite Etsy Dia De Los Muertos shops!!! I am thrilled and so grateful to have been recognized by Everlasting Footprint for having Day of the Dead items! Coincidentally, I have been working on finally completing a few projects that have been in progress for some time now and they were inspired by the celebrtation of Dia De Los Muertos. I call them “Death Boxes” and each one of a kind box is made with the intention of being used to keep special memories of a loved one inside. If someone would like a Death Box custom made I would be honored to create a special made to order Death Box for them. I have recently added a few other custom made Dia De Los Muertos items like crosses and wall hooks. I am also actively on the hunt for as many Dia De Los Muertos and latin inspired fabrics to offer as well at my shop.
    I love your blog and am looking forward to coming back for future posts from Everlasting Footprint. Thank you, again and take care!
    Juli Em 🙂

    • admin


      thanks for visiting and thanks for making such beautiful Dia de los Muertos artwork. Our Footprints at Everlasting Footprint are designed to be, basically, digital “death boxes.” We hope that you’ll visit us and experience how our network can help you and your loved ones Celebrate Life Together.

      Looking forward to more of your unique tributes to loved ones,
      The Everlasting Footprint Team

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