Sunday Round Up: On Death and Grieving

Our weekly round up of interesting articles on death and grieving, and life and healing, culled from various corners of the web.

News of Dad’s Death, Spread Through Facebook

By: Amanda MacGregor, Modern Loss (via Refinery29)

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My father had spent 22 years as a high school principal in my hometown of St. Peter, MN. Everyone in our small town of 11,000 knew him. In those three hours between the accident and the phone call, word spread rapidly, primarily thanks to Facebook and text messages. But, I didn’t know that. I’d been out of the house all day and offline.” 

Grieving soldiers resume their watch, vowing ‘we will carry on’

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson and Kim Mackrael, The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

“When the orders came to return to duty at the cenotaph, about 20 soldiers in the sentry program gathered and were asked who wanted to take the first post in what many described as a show of strength in the face of tragedy. Every hand shot up.”

When a name is all that’s left: Why I changed my name after 8 years of marriage

By: Linda Anderson, TODAY Parents

TODAY Parents Linda and Phoenix Anderson

“When a child dies, too often people stop saying his name. Some people didn’t want to bring him up for fear it would remind me of his loss. But as with most bereaved parents, there is not a moment when I’m not aware. I feel the loss in my cells, even when I sleep. Saying my son’s name to me is one of the sweetest gifts anyone can give me. Phoenix Lind Anderson. It is the music of my heart.”

Book Of Life Teaches Us The True Meaning Of The Day Of The Dead

By: Lauren Davis, io9

We may honor the dead, the movie tells us, but we should also learn from their lives—their joys, their mistakes, their regrets. We can celebrate our families, it says, without being slaves to their legacies. “


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