Tom Clancy Wrote Thrillers for Thinkers

Although Tom Clancy disavowed any knowledge of secret government information, the details in his books about the military and weaponry were downright spooky.  He claimed everything he wrote about was public information, readily available, and he researched his plotlines heavily. A good storyteller, Clancy also admitted that he “made stuff up,” but surprisingly, some of it came true. He had a knack for creating details that make military thrillers real. Because his stories were rational, Tom Clancy books were bestsellers and made him a fortune.

The Hunt for Red October

The Hunt for Red October took place on a Russian submarine. Originally published in 1984, with a movie released in 1990, Clancy created the character Jack Ryan, a CIA operative who is actually human and not a swashbuckling hero. Clancy looked at situations as puzzles that needed to be solved, and he delved into the intricacies of people’s personalities to uncover how to portray the realities of danger. Because Tom Clancy’s characters are so realistic, the “guy next door” character of Jack Ryan shows up in many of Clancy’s books.

Actors Who Played Jack Ryan

The actors who played Jack Ryan in Tom Clancy movies are “A” list celebrities, including Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine.  All of them have depth and made Jack Ryan a memorable movie hero. Fighting to save the world or fighting to save his family, Jack Ryan was relatable. He had a brilliant mind, and although some movie critics called Ryan a “dorky” figure, Ryan was a thinking man given to the normal fears and imperfections of any person.

Tom Clancy wrote about many current dangers – from the Soviet Cold War, to Irish Terrorists, to drug cartels, to Islamic extremists. Able to use the items in the news, Clancy’s stories were often accepted as more fact than fiction. He was interviewed on news shows for his opinion on politics. Sometimes, Clancy was even asked by military personnel where he was “obtaining” his information. As he rose in popularity, he was given more access to military ships and information for his books.


Tom Clancy made military thrillers cool. He appealed to both men and women, his movies were blockbusters, and he had a long list of bestsellers. Certainly, the name Tom Clancy on a book cover demanded respect and readability for the last several decades. What Tom Clancy gives to readers, still, is too good to be forgotten.

Today, the second anniversary of Tom Clancy’s death, we celebrate his life. Celebrate the lives that inspire you with Everlasting Footprint.

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