Get Involved in Charity, Make a Difference This October

Every month is a good month for giving to charity. But here are some ways to reach out this October:

Domestic Violence Awareness (October 6)

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

October is domestic violence awareness month. Although we hear about news about domestic violence involving celebrities, we should remember it can happen to anyone. The first Monday in October has been dedicated to honoring, remembering, and celebrating the importance of healthy relationships. All US states get involved in their own way, so check out the website for the National Coalition against Domestic Violence to find out how you can take part in October charity events close to you.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (all of October)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - an October charity

October is dedicated to increasing awareness of one of the most common cancers. Breast cancer is something we may be passively aware of, but this month reminds women to take cautionary steps in detecting early signs or symptoms. In addition to wearing pink to celebrate, check out all the ways you can get involved in charity events this October by visiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation website.

Detroit Lung Force Walk (October 3)

Detroit Lung Force Walk - an October charity event

In Detroit, on Friday October 3, take a minute to catch your breath – and to be grateful for it – as you walk in order to raise funds for research, education, and awareness for healthy lungs. If you are not in Detroit, check out the Lung Force Walk website to find out when a charity walk or run is happening near you. Because, what better way is there to be thankful for your healthy lungs than using them in order to help others?

Cyber Security Awareness Month (all of October)

National Cyber Security Awareness Month - an October charity option

We reveal ourselves every time we go online — and many of us go online a lot. This October, learn how you can make the internet a safe place – an responsibility that everyone has a role in. Thousands of National Cyber Security Awareness Month participants across the country get involved by posting safety and security tips on social networks, displaying posters, and holding events. The month is broken down into a different theme each week, to focus on core issues in cyber security. Take a look, or participate, and help make the internet safer.


Everlasting Footprint reminds you that you can create a Fundraiser for any charity or non-profit organization on a loved one’s Footprint. Continue your loved ones’ legacies of giving, and give back some loving support in your community or around the world.


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