Sunday Round Up About Death and Grieving

Here are some of the interesting & educational tidbits and stories about death and grieving we’ve stumbled on over the course of the week.

The Winter of Her Despair

By: Barbara Leaming

jacqueline kennedy via vanity fair

“A symbol of strength for a traumatized nation in the winter of 1963–64, Jacqueline Kennedy was in fact falling apart—grieving and endlessly reliving her husband’s assassination, afflicted with what we’d now call post-traumatic stress disorder. Barbara Leaming, adapting her new biography, uncovers what was known to few outside the former First Lady’s inner circle: the nightmares, the drinking, the suicidal thoughts, but also the unexpected gesture that helped save her sanity.”

‘Consolers’ walk through valley of grief with those who mourn

By: Joyce Coronel

“Joe Manfreda was in his mid-20s when his father died suddenly from a heart attack. For 30 years, Manfreda buried the grief deep inside himself, unable to even read his father’s death notice.”

Am I Allowed to Forget?

By: Elsa Acheson

“Everything was tangled inside me. His death, his absence and all the memories of who he once had been. To remember one meant reliving the others. To live without his death weighing me down meant I had to live with his life not lifting me up. I had no choice to keep one and not the other. They were tangled. To let Vasu go, I would have to forget who he was.

Was I allowed to forget?

The Last of the Titanically Eccentric Mitford Sisters Has Died

By: Kelly Faircloth

Deborah Cavendish

“The last member of the twentieth century’s most scandalously wacky family has passed beyond the veil: Deborah Cavendish, nee Mitford, has died at 94. It would be fair to say she lived a full life.”


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