Celebrate Charles Lindbergh: From New York to Paris

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Charles Lindbergh, famed pilot and adventurer

We live in a time where air travel is ubiquitous. On any given day, you can be in New York City in the morning and be in Paris by nightfall. The changes of modern technology is something to celebrate. Charles Lindbergh set the record in the days where flight was novel; he was the first person to be in New York one day and Paris the next day (not even the same day) when he flew his single-seat, single-engine monoplane, The Spirit of Saint Louis, 33 1/2 hours across the Atlantic Ocean.

Celebrate Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of Saint Louis





Lindbergh with famous plane, The Spirit of St. Louis

Watch the clip below to get caught up in the historical frenzy of the first transatlantic flight!

While Charles Lindbergh was admirable for setting the record as the first transatlantic jetsetter, what made his accomplishment even more amazing was that he pushed the barrier of what was possible at the time and inspired many others to defy expectations and follow in his footsteps.

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