Celebrity Life Advice From Groucho Marx and Ogden Nash

Today we’d like to share some lighthearted celebrity life advice (or, “laugh advice”) from two comedians who celebrate milestones today: Groucho Marx (who died today in 1977) and Ogden Nash (whose birthday is today, in 1902).

Groucho Marx was a comedian and entertainer who made 13 feature films with his famous funny siblings, The Marx Brothers. He was known for his distinct appearance of exaggerated costumes and facial expressions, which were results of his many years performing vaudeville. This gave rise to one of the most famous novelty disguises today, The Groucho glasses.

Groucho Marx-inspired gag glassesGroucho Marx-inspired gag glasses

Ogden Nash on the other hand was a poet known for his unconventional rhymes and humorous poetry. In between writing poetry, he made guest appearances in comedic radio and TV shows, touring extensively in the United States and Europe.

Both these men were known for their witty zingers and today, we’d like to share ten of these hilarious quotes as lighthearted celebrity life advice – better termed, “laugh advice.”


Everlasting-Footprint-Groucho-Marx-1 Everlasting-Footprint-Groucho-Marx-3


Everlasting-Footprint-Groucho-Marx-5 Everlasting-Footprint-Ogden-Nash-1 Everlasting-Footprint-Ogden-nash-2 Everlasting-Footprint-Ogden-Nash-3 Everlasting-Footprint-Ogden-Nash-4 Everlasting-Footprint-Ogden-Nash-5

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