Robin Williams: Death Touches Us All

In light of Robin Williams death, we remember the love he shared.The Everlasting Footprint team offers everyone a hug at the news of Robin Williams’ death

Robin Williams had the kind of humor that was good natured and funny, the universal and comforting silliness that one doesn’t outgrow. It’s a surprisingly rare form of humor, given the fact that a lot of what passes for humor these days may sometimes have mean spirited undertones that may push the barriers of being uncomfortable. He made people laugh, and he enjoyed doing it. He brought joy to so many, but few knew that he was hurting so badly on the inside.

Robin Williams’ death is a terrible loss, and he will be missed. Collaborate with us on our Robin Williams Everlasting Footprint. Share your stories and memories of this great man, and of all the loved ones who have touched your life.


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