Making an Everlasting Footprint

The original Everlasting Footprint Founders TeamThe original Everlasting Footprint Founders Team: Nick Behrens, Mike Mapes, Jim Smith, and Nick Zhou.

I vividly remember some of the first conversations among the Founders as a team, when we were developing the concept for Everlasting Footprint. These conversations occurred before we had a name, a company, or even a plan for how to get from the table around which we sat to a live website. Here we are today: Everlasting Footprint has been launched, and the platform that we built to help people is already doing just that.So often in my life I have heard people say, “If I reached just one person, if my story could help just one person, it would all be worth it.” Now, I understand what they meant.We used to envision the first email from someone who used our site to honor, to heal, and to celebrate life. Now we don’t have to wonder. We have read it. It was short, sweet, and filled me with a mix of emotions I would like to describe, but simply can’t find the right words. The gist of that first message was “Thank you, I lost someone very close to me and your site really helped.” That first email, the sincerity of that one person’s gratitude, made all the Founders’ hard work of the last three years well worth it.
Our site,, started as an idea, but it has turned into a mission. We would like to invite you to help us fulfill our mission by remembering others, by expressing yourself. The purpose of Everlasting Footprint is to tell the stories of people’s lives – your stories. The stories of your loved ones. The stories of the people who helped shape you and your life. We believe they are the most important stories you know. We believe that everyone leaves a unique, special mark on this world. So tell us, what does their footprint look like?

About Nick Behrens

Co-Founder and Business Development Manager, Nick Behrens, is a health and wellness expert who specializes in working with children. His dedication to Everlasting Footprint stems from the loss of family and his desire to give families the power to share the millions of stories that don’t get shared. He wants people to share where they came from and tell about the people who shaped us.

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