Everlasting Footprint – LIVE Today!

There are many inspirational tales out there of people who’ve accomplished amazing things and left lasting legacies. Ordinary people do extraordinary things everyday and these are stories that deserve to be told and shared. Read some of these stories, share some of your own, and celebrate the lives and legacies of human beings on Everlasting Footprint.

We’re live today on beta and the team at Everlasting Footprint is eager to see your contributions and hear your feedback!


About Nick Behrens

Co-Founder and Business Development Manager, Nick Behrens, is a health and wellness expert who specializes in working with children. His dedication to Everlasting Footprint stems from the loss of family and his desire to give families the power to share the millions of stories that don’t get shared. He wants people to share where they came from and tell about the people who shaped us.

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